Attraction and Magic

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Attraction and Magic

Postby Drammel » Sun Oct 11, 2009 8:25 pm

It occurred to me that since Erfworld has no children, attraction serves little purpose other than fun, until I was reading through the archives and went back over the bit about 'Natural Thinkamancy' and the statement that there are spells which can influence the unknown value of loyalty. Wheels starting turning in my head.

One could argue that attraction, and not just the sexual kind, but specifically how much one much person's ability to influence the actions of another, could qualify as a natural form of the type of magic that governs loyalty spells (assuming that there is such a branch of magic, if it isn't Thinkamancy). Or in other words, the function of attraction in Erfworld is to directly influence the unknown loyalty statistic.

An extreme example of this kind of magic could be Ansom's current obsession with Wanda. There is definitely magic involved to make one person attracted and completely loyal to another, and therefore Wanda completely controls Ansom's actions. A lighter, natural version, would be Parson's humane treatment of Bogroll. That's where things get iffy. Where do we draw the line between magic and normal social interaction? Between statistic and life? Is there such a boundary in Erfworld?

However, like Thinkamancy, it could be very subtle. A person could be inclined to do one thing or another, but certain actions bring one inclination to the forefront. Wanda throwing her robe on Stanley's desk made him more inclined not to disband Parson. At the other end of the spectrum (one person becoming less attracted to another) Parson talking smack to Ansom made him more inclined to going into a self-righteous rage (natural Shockamancy?), which made his own troops slightly less loyal to him. The loyalty statistic represents the bond between two units, attraction (magical or otherwise) is only what is represented by this statistic. Since it is unknown, there doesn't seem to be a clear distinction between normal social interaction and natural magic. Its a matter of perspective I suppose.

To speculate a bit further, one could argue that the loyalty between two units also represents the strength of a magical bond between the two. For example, the powerful bond between Jillian and Wanda when it was broken, reduced Wanda to a catatonic state for a while. Heartbreak or magically induced paralysis? The implied bond between Maggie and Sizemore aided in the reconstruction of Gobwin Knob. One could then further speculate that as attraction solidifies into love it strengthens this bond accordingly, which in turn influences all kinds of spellcasting where more than one person is invloved. Love could very well be the most powerful force on Erf.

I'm inclined to think that this kind of magic falls under the category of Date-amancy, just because the name seems to fit a school of magic concerned about what makes people attracted to one another. It's very possible that this is just a subset of Thinkamancy. It would be hilarious if any of the Naughtymancies still had an open spot.
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Re: Attraction and Magic

Postby Unclever title » Sun Oct 11, 2009 9:50 pm

This is a very interesting line of thought. I wish I had more to add to this but I think that everything I might have added you already covered. I most certainly like the idea of extremely subtle natural magic.

This most certainly might inspire some incredibly cheesy Erfworld songs involving Love being referred to as "Natural Magic."
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Re: Attraction and Magic

Postby pSycHOtic chICkeN » Mon Oct 12, 2009 1:29 am

It is possible that erfworlders do not know about sex. Of course it is also possible that parsons does not have much knowledge to share.

I think the category "hippymancy" could cover it. Maybe flowerpower.
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Re: Attraction and Magic

Postby DevilDan » Mon Oct 12, 2009 3:07 am

If they don't know about sex, then what do they do as extracurricular activities at night? Play tiddlywinks?
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Re: Attraction and Magic

Postby CountCasimir » Mon Oct 12, 2009 3:57 am

If they don't know about sex, what were Ansom and Jillian doing on the carpet after Jill broke Wanda's spell?
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Re: Attraction and Magic

Postby Lord Kasavin » Mon Oct 12, 2009 4:57 am

CountCasimir wrote:If they don't know about sex, what were Ansom and Jillian doing on the carpet after Jill broke Wanda's spell?

Sensual Massage?

The primary reason for sex in reality is reproductive. Without that imperative, there is no logical reason for intercourse. Indeed, there has never been any confirmation that Erfworlders have genatalia (and I hope we never do recieve visual confirmation of that). Of course, there is lots in Erfworld that can only be explained as "How the Titans made it."
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Re: Attraction and Magic

Postby joosy » Mon Oct 12, 2009 9:10 am

CountCasimir wrote:If they don't know about sex, what were Ansom and Jillian doing on the carpet after Jill broke Wanda's spell?

They had a umm.. "special hug".

Seriously, though. It is strongly implied that Wanda uses sex (or the erfworld variance of it) to control Stanley. Vinny and the Archons made the beast with four backs, and Jillian and Ansom futilely attempted to make a Royal heir the Earth way but I imagine they had fun trying.

Still waiting for Parson to catch Sizemore and Maggie trying to 'make a new caster'. I would guess that it would be a Shockamancer :shock:

Sex in erfworld is purely recreational but I imagine that attraction, caste, etc. plays some role in it. Don King implied that the fact that Jillian loved Ansom was proof that she was a true Royal. The assumption being that only Royals can love other Royals.
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Re: Attraction and Magic

Postby Anca » Mon Oct 12, 2009 11:38 am

Sex is also for pair-bonding and suchlike, which doesn't necessarily have to do with reproduction - it's been a while since I did any research on this but there are lots of chemicals released that can create, improve, sustain a relationship. So if Erfworlders function similarly there, the Erfworld version, whatever it is, involving some kind of natural - meaning involuntary? - magic would be believable, since magic seems to be everywhere.

Unless what they're calling magic are actually hormones and other chemicals. But I haven't eaten yet and am not going any further with that thought at the moment~.
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Re: Attraction and Magic

Postby MarbitChow » Mon Oct 12, 2009 4:10 pm

I'd like to suggest that "invisible stats" and "natural thinkamancy" might just be Erfworlder terms attemping to describe unknown things in familiar terms.

For example, we don't understand consciousness, so we can describe it as a 'ghost in the machine' - a spirit controlling our body. We understand a machine, we imagine a ghost, we add them together.

Erfworlders understand stats, so they may imagine that those stats apply whether they can be seen or not. Loyalty may not be a stat at all - it might be an illusion to explain free will.

Erfworlders might have total free will, but the fact that a ruler can disband you with a thought, ending your existence, is a powerful incentive to be loyal, and you are 'popped' with this knowledge.

Since Royals are the most likely to be able to have or start their own side, they are also the most likely to be able to plot overthrows, I'd imagine - they can perceive a future where they cannot be disbanded, only slain, and can work towards such a goal.
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