The Heroic Parson Gotti

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The Heroic Parson Gotti

Postby benthehater » Thu May 31, 2012 8:52 pm

Way back in the day when I was hanging on every page and update of book one, I had a really nasty fear. As a gamer of several years, I was very aware that some of the most memorable personalities that I've played with have not necessarily been the best people, sometimes this fact making them so memorable. In our story of book 1, we had our guy Parson, granted a not unfamiliar wish from a rather standard gamer wish-fulfillment fantasy. He was transported to another place with a new start, a place where, as opposed to his ordinary reality, his skills and talents were not only valued, but also made him uniquely talented among all the people of that world.

It was with great concern that I waited to see how he behaved. Would Parson's behavior resemble some of the worst aspects of gamers, making him a powerful indictment of gamer culture, or would he demonstrate the best of us and shine.

And you know, it was kind of a relief when Rob had chosen that Parson would be genuinely heroic, and in his new reality Parson continually behaves in an ethical and reflective matter considering the choices that have been laid out in front of him, and the power and responsibility that he commands.

Do you like Parson? Would you want to be his friend? Game with him?
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