Tropers of Erf, unite!

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Tropers of Erf, unite!

Postby TheMutant » Wed Aug 29, 2012 12:06 pm

A Titan once mentioned that the Erfworld TVTropes page is bestrewn with splinters because of the amount of Square Peg, Round Trope employed.

Obviously this isn't a pressing or urgent matter. But since I know I trope because it's interesting and fun, I figured I'd throw this out there for any experienced tropers with extra time on their hands that might also thus entertain themselves while making this webcomic's page a better page. Besides combing the page carefully for Square Peg Round Trope, there are a lot of tropes on the main page that should probably be sorted to the character page or elsewhere, a lot of confusion as regards what should and shouldn't be spoiler-marked, and tidying in general.

This thread could be a trope discussion point for people that aren't sure if something should stay, go or whatever- (I'm not sure if the discussion page on TVTropes itself gets much use.)

I apologize in advance to any readers thus lost to the TVTropes quagmire by virtue of my linking it. Godspeed, brave soldiers. ;)
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