Just me or is Luckmancy the worst magic discipline?

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Re: Just me or is Luckmancy the worst magic discipline?

Postby tgriff02 » Sun Mar 17, 2013 1:55 am

I'm of the opinion that you don't necessarily not know where the bad rolls are gonna hit. I think Clay was a low level, low rank caster, working for Delphie first (a fatalist who believed the side was doomed anyway so what did it matter if we used him effectively or not) and then Wanda (a very young caster who had no idea what she could do within her own class, let alone another discipline). I just kind of have this idea that a GOOD luckamancer under a competent Chief Caster and Chief Warlord could really blow your side out of the water. Sure you have to steal good rolls from your side, but I'd be willing to bet that a Masterclass Luckamancer can boost the crap out of your troops where you NEED to win, and then funnel your losses to areas where you just WANT to win. Just MHO
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Re: Just me or is Luckmancy the worst magic discipline?

Postby Beeskee » Sun Mar 17, 2013 2:13 am

To me, it seems like luckamancers aren't any better or worse off relative to other casters.

From Clay's perspective, it may seem like they are stealing luck from other units on their side, but it really comes down to a choice about which units to boost and which not to. Every caster, or their commanding warlord or ruler, will have to make that choice, and some units will benefit from it while others will go without.

Healomancers can't heal everyone on the side each turn (can they?) so their placement and usage will be the same type of choice, with the same types of results. Units in range get heals, other units don't. But healomancers don't seem to view themselves as stealing hits from those other units. But the effect is the same.

Clay stated that he must be stealing numbers from his own side because otherwise mathamancy would be off, but wouldn't mathamancy account for a luckamancer's effect on the sides involved? He also said they lost more unled battles, but that could just be coincidence, or maybe possibly the ginormous side they were fighting combined with wavering allies leaking intel.
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