Store-bought Volume 1 PDF - can we get a smaller version?

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Store-bought Volume 1 PDF - can we get a smaller version?

Postby LordAcme » Sun Jan 13, 2013 8:06 am

Sorry to put this here but I didn't see any other spot for a comment of this nature.

I love the book. Thank you for putting it out in PDF, as I am not settled and can't carry a lot of stuff around. It's gorgeous too, the format really shows the quality of the artwork.

That being said, it's BIG. It's so big paging down takes a second to load the next part. Since I can't read a full page, I'm loading half at a time, and seeing a white space that fills in after a sec is disruptive to the experience.

It's so big I can't even convert it to a smaller size without letting the machine sit and chew on it for a half hour. And my tools for conversion stink, the text looks like crap when it's done.

So I wanted to ask if there was a possibility for owners of the PDF to get a second download option for a more compressed version, made with a professional tool?

Thanks to Rob, Xin and Jamie for making this happen! I'm off to read the latest update :D
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