New Epiletic Predictamancy: Arkenshoes in modern Erfworld

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New Epiletic Predictamancy: Arkenshoes in modern Erfworld

Postby Mordredd » Sun Feb 10, 2013 9:56 pm

I'm a long time lurker (been following the comic for years now) and I would like some help with this here...this is just a speculation, a wild thought that just popped in my head, and I'd like the input from others that I know are more versed in the subtle details of the Erf-verse (or their pardon, in case this epiletic tree has been posted already).

First the facts to help me build my Predictamancy theory:

1 - As some people have pointed, from a narrative perspective, Jack has no value/power at this time, besides as an emotional stress to Parson in the form of Jack's death. He has no juice to change what may happen, and his fighting skills are only theorical, so what else could be his purpose in the current situation?

2 - At the moment, we just had some information about the mechanics of fire (especially about the 'inferno' bit, which almost certaintly kills all the units trapped in it), so it stands to reason that it might be very important in the near future.

3 - We know that Parson is effectly 'stuck' in the city, without move and without the possibilty of teleporting back to the Magic Kingdom.

4 - The little doll that keeps showing up, created by Holly Shortcake, the late Chief Dollamancer of Jetstone... what is its narrative purpose, only to show Slately remembering his old mistakes and 'wishing things were different'?

5 - The 'Inner Peace (Through Superior Firepower)' story line has given us a lot info about characters backgrounds, including precedents for some possible scenarios/actions, so they won't be a complete surprise in the case any of them happen in the normal comic.

And now, onward for epiletic predictamancy!

1 - What if, Jack's purpose in the next page(s) is not to die, but to provide information? Something very important, that he has seen with his own eyes (but that is not widely known)?

2 - Since we have been provided with the knowledge that 'inferno'-type fires are very dangerous (and the other two not so much), isn´t it likely that the city might be plagued by one just now, since more tension=better story?

3 - Parson might very well die soon, either by fire or a combat trap; but he is the main character (and well, we like him) so some plot-armor is required and somewhat expected. Therefore he must/will get out of there, even though he can't possibly do so, since he has no move.

4 - Holly Shortcake's doll, shown time and time again, just in the corner doing nothing... but kept safe (and dressed, with presumably all the items a dollmancer could equip) in a pretty glass box (beside the throne), not so diferent from a 'break in case of emergency' switch from our Stupidworld.

5 - Many different precedents (and informations) have been established, but two very recent ones were that somebody from Stupidworld could attune to an Arkentool, and that the Arkenshoes (which apparently are somewhat related to dollamancy) exist(ed) and its main ability.

So what did I take from that?

Jack recognizes the Arkenshoes in the doll, passes what it is and what it does to Parson who attunes to it and manages to get out of there (carrying Jack or leaving him there to die?).

The main flaws I see in this crazy theory are:
A) How in the hell Holly managed to get the shoes?
B) How come Slately (or any of the other 'mancers) didn't know/sense what it was? ("My King, this doll I have creat" - "Don't have time for that now Holly, maybe other time"???).

Parson wielding an Arkentool could really annoy Stanley, since how dismayed he already is by having Wanda running around with the 'pliers... aaaaaand I just visualized Parson wearing a pair of cute shining red shoes. I guess that might make anyone consternated after all.
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Re: New Epiletic Predictamancy: Arkenshoes in modern Erfworl

Postby MadZuri » Sat Mar 16, 2013 1:55 pm

Unfortunately, the doll is just wearing plain green shoes. That would have been an interesting touch.

Jack's role seems to be one of leadership at this point. He can still lead stacks, and should return shortly with dwagons in tow.

As far as we know, the Shoes are lost. About the only people who would recognize them on sight (or intel) is Charlie, Marie, Jillian, Wanda, and Jack. Everyone else who has ever seen them is croaked at this point.

Now, that is a speculation I'm willing to bet on, that Charlie has been actively hunting for them ever since they disappeared. It is possible that he either knows where they are, or that he already has them. Wouldn't that be unfair? A single person attuned to TWO Tools.
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Re: New Epiletic Predictamancy: Arkenshoes in modern Erfworl

Postby frei » Sat Mar 16, 2013 4:29 pm

Parson already has the scroll that (purportedly) sends him home, so your prediction seems needlessly complex. If the story requires him to go back to earth, there's an already-flagged mechanism.

However, if he had to use it, Jack could potentially tell him to find the Arkenshoes to come back. So there's that.
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Re: New Epiletic Predictamancy: Arkenshoes in modern Erfworl

Postby MadZuri » Sun Mar 17, 2013 4:15 am

You assume that Charlie would acquire the Arkenshoes to send Parson home? Well, no, he would acquire them because they are a Tool of the Titans. He did, after all, "Bite pretty hard" on getting the Arkenpliers. He probably also wants the Arkenhammer, as well.
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Re: New Epiletic Predictamancy: Arkenshoes in modern Erfworl

Postby Slicer » Thu Mar 21, 2013 6:07 am

frei wrote:However, if he had to use it, Jack could potentially tell him to find the Arkenshoes to come back. So there's that.

Or he feels that he has to use the scroll for some other reason, and brings one of Sizemore's gems with him to sell to a Stupidworld jeweler.

When he gets back, he finds that it's been eight or so years since he left, even though it's been, for him, only a few months. Worried that he's crazy, he talks to a shrink, who tells him that there was another documented case almost exactly like his, an institutionalized woman in Kansas. He books a flight, talks shop with Judy for a while, and gets the Arkenshoes from her.

Then, as Stupidworld is realistic, he walks straight out of the mental hospital, goes directly to the nearest gun show, and buys a few high-caliber firearms and as many rounds as he can possibly carry before returning to Erfworld.
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