Parson's great idea for a link up will be...

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Parson's great idea for a link up will be...

Postby Nightingale » Sat Oct 12, 2013 1:40 pm

Stanley + wanda
Noone ever tried a link with a non caster because what's the point but here they'll be able to combine their arkentools to do... Something? Not sure what but it feels like the kind of out of the box idea parson's DM is looking for.
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Re: Parson's great idea for a link up will be...

Postby Falcon X » Wed Dec 04, 2013 5:51 pm

Actually, I want to go off this.
This theory can probably be destroyed with an easy-to-find quote. But then, the person who said it might not have the power of lateral thinking...

Point 1: It is clear that all casters can lead stacks and do other warlord-type things, just to a lower scale. So, are we sure that Warlords can't also do magic, just to a lower scale. Perhaps they have no specialty and can only cast from items or scrolls. Or possibly, their warlord ability is a spell school of it's own.

Point 2: Given that Parson, Judy, and Charlie are all originally from stupid world. What if they are ALL Warlords and not casters. Meaning that Charlie has no more innate casting ability than Parson, Judy, or theoretically Jillian (all the other Warlords).
Charlie, like the Wizard of Oz, came in and pulled off a bunch of illusions making people think he was a Carnymancer, when really he just had the Signamancy of a Carnymancer, again, like the Wizard of Oz.
However, much like parson has a Mathamancy bracer to make him ACT like a caster, Charlie has the Arkendish (and possibly other tools) that gave him all the power of a caster.

Back to the Topic: Given points 1 and 2, Stanley might just be able to do a link-up.
- Even just given the idea that Charlie isn't innately a caster, but his Arkentool has made him one. This should mean that link-ups are feasible through the Arkentools.
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Re: Parson's great idea for a link up will be...

Postby Falcon X » Wed Dec 04, 2013 6:11 pm

To directly answer your question, I would look at parson's goals:
1. Hack Charlie for Intel
2. Defend against Charlie's thinkamancy
3. Make friends in the MK.
4. Protect the Tool
5. Protect Spacerock, cause it's the capitol

If I were parson, I would try:
2. Foolamancy+Thinkamancy: Set up false trails in the G-strings so Charlie can't find them.
- Add in Dirtamancy (or possibly a device with Dollamancy) to create new locations or portable devices that give cover like the Thinkamancer's temple does.
3. Above trick, but it applies to the entire magic kingdom. Thus making the Thinkamancer's hate him, but most of the others love him for protecting them from Charlie. Sounds like something he'd do.
4. Foolamany+Dollamancy - Create shadow clones of the Tool. Getting the idea from the ditto'd King. The King's double had all the power of the original. Parson might find a way...
3. Some kind of revolutionary Croakamancy that does what it should never be able to do. Something that changes the way the other casters and Wanda think about her.
1. Parson's stealth golem trick, modified with lookamancy so they can control it from afar like a video game.
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