Complaint: Lack of so-called Trigger Warning

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Complaint: Lack of so-called Trigger Warning

Postby Soupwhale » Thu Jan 16, 2014 6:00 pm

I once found the idea of trigger warnings laughable. A story contains a description of a rape, so the author puts something like "Trigger Warning: high-violence nonconsentual sex", and then people who were raped and are emotionally unstable upon being reminded of it can avoid the story.

Sounds stupid, right? Sounds just like something the stupid feminazis and liberals would come up with.

That's what I thought too.

And then Jillian got addicted to 'heroine' in book 0.

First, props to the author, he captures the whole concept of opiate addiction quite realistically. The driving, all-encompassing need. I'd almost wonder if he had some experience himself.

At first it was just like a little joke, referencing the field of poppies in WoO, but it dragged on and on, little mentions, little turns of thought, where Jillian thinks about it, but then it turns into a main focus of the trial, a large element of the plot, etc.

It's not as bad as rewatching American Gangster or the shootup scene in Pulp Fiction, but it was definitely enough to completely and utterly revamp my opinion about the usefulness of trigger warnings.While nowadays rewatching American Gangster is like a ritual, like... well, like an ex-heroin addict just wanting to remember a little bit of that vinegary taste at the back of his throat. A ritual requiring a certain mindset and certain precautions. Precautions certainly not in place while I was reading Erfworld.

Just a little thing, perhaps, at the top of the first relevant chapter, "Trigger Warning: opiate abuse", and i'd be satisfied.
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