Digdoug Error

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Digdoug Error

Postby Shai_hulud » Thu Apr 10, 2014 6:51 pm

Episode 2:
Creen was King Posbrake’s brother, the Chief Warlord of Delkey. Digdoug had seen him visiting the Court of Homekey a couple of times, and Lady Chains’ description wasn’t inaccurate. Even Eften had nothing to say on this point.

Episode 5:
King Posbrake didn’t hold a formal Court per se. He preferred “meetings of the Long Table.”[6] Digdoug had attended several of these in the Key Boardroom[7], but never when Creen was visiting. He knew the King’s brother only by his prissy reputation. “What’s his problem?” he asked.

Episode 6:
If anything, the rumors of Creen’s appearance and manner had fallen short of the true picture. He arrived at the Key Boardroom wearing a long ermine-lined velvet jacket and pantaloons, both of a deep royal crimson, with a white satin waistcoat and silk stockings up to his knees. On his head, he wore a long wig of talc-white curls. At his hip, a silver rapier with a basket hilt gleamed in its jeweled scabbard.

Didn't know if this had been pointed out for correction yet.
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Re: Digdoug Error

Postby Omnimancer » Thu Apr 10, 2014 7:17 pm

It's not necessarily a contradiction. He might have seen Creen but never up close, and not in a place where he could hear him talk.

If he only witnessed Creen arrive, or float past him down a street, Digdoug might still have mostly known him by reputation.
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Re: Digdoug Error

Postby Taikei no Yuurei » Thu Apr 10, 2014 10:19 pm

The second one isn't contradictory at all. It's possible to have seen Creen before, but never been in a meeting with him.

The first and second might seem slightly contradictory, but the first one might reference 'seen' like someone 'sees' the president when he is giving a speech or his motorcade arrives somewhere, from a great distance. In fact, it might have been more like he was up in the tower and he saw the... you know what, exactly like he is seeing him in episode 14. He sees a flying unit at the front of a bunch of Delkey units from a huge distance, not alot of details and plenty of room to have seen him but not really met him, as Omnimancer said.
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