ErfWiki Improvement Drive: Battle for Gobwin Knob

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ErfWiki Improvement Drive: Battle for Gobwin Knob

Postby Miment » Mon Nov 02, 2009 7:46 pm

ErfWiki has come along way in just a few short days. It got a new main page and re-designed Portals are on the way! Active editors has jumped from just 7 a few days ago to 25 today. It seems like every time I check, there's a new page somewhere. But what we don't have is too many good, quality articles. Which means that when it comes time to change the featured article, there isn't really that much of a choice.

So what I want to do is start an ErfWiki wide improvement drive! We'll pick one category and one article to improve and stick at it till the article is ready to be featured! The category is Battles and the article is Battle for Gobwin Knob. The wiki could really use some help! Check out the Wiki's main page or vist the Improvement Drive Portal for more info!

Don't forget to make a new user if you think you'll be doing lots Wiki Work.
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