Edgar Allan Poe Essay?

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Re: Edgar Allan Poe Essay?

Postby Sieggy » Thu Nov 11, 2010 9:52 am

You might want to make a connection to his alcoholism, which is pretty much what killed him . . .
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Re: Edgar Allan Poe Essay?

Postby nulloverride » Fri Nov 12, 2010 1:35 pm

Ok, so... you chose Edgar Allen Poe as your author of choice for your essay. Is he the one you know the most about, or did you have a list of completely unfamiliar authors and you just picked the one maybe you have heard of before?

Also... this should not be difficult if you know anything about the man's life. All the essay is doing is, apparently, asking for your opinion. So if you think that spending time in the library caused Poe to come up with dreary poems, or that his unhealthy love obsessions made him depressed and that his work was a cry for help, then by all means write that. If I got my butt kicked by an angry man every day I might write some violent things... did something like that happen to Poe?

Essentially my point here is: do your own homework. I have a master's degree and I did not get it by having random strangers on internet forums do my work for me. You have presumably been provided all of the materials you need for this assignment (if not I am positive there are biographies on Poe laying around at your library or on the internet) and if you are here you can probably make the cognitive connections between life events and mood, and it is not too much of a leap to make an assumption about how those things affected someone's writing. So do some reading, pick out 3 or 4 things (depending on the required length of the essay) that may have been emotionally dramatic in Poe's life, and connect those things in some way to his writing. If he's lonely at some point, that could explain, say, the Raven. Who knows?

Last piece of advice: talk to your teacher/professor/instructor about your issues. Despite what you might think, it is their job to help you if you do not understand something. If you do not understand because you were slacking off or not paying attention, then that is your fault and you should start to learn responsibility now and own up to your mistakes. Your teacher will respect your honesty about the matter and help you return to the right track.


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