My poems

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My poems

Postby Rhyme-o-mancer » Thu Jun 11, 2009 1:48 am

Some of my favorite poems that I've written. They're mostly quite negative and I tried to be innovative with them. You might want to verbally say them to yourself, they flow better that way.

En Masse
We have no scene, no cause, no front
All us kids have today is the blunt
Edge of the media
Tellin' us right from wrong
No songs
It's all just celebrities and thongs
We're the children of the mass generation
Interconnected in this newly small world
Shrinking into a pea
You don't have to belong locally
Everyone is global
We're the children of the mass generation
Interconnected in this newly small world

The pen is mightier
True words spoken
Swords never sing propoganda
Lightning striking twice
or thrice
Pending on Zeus's anger
Average man would face the police's club
Over the anarchist's bomb
Mom's advice is often true
Interwebbings of dental floss
Trapping plaque for a hungry spider
The pen is mightier
Media lashing citizens where police cannot
Thought is being erased
Entertainment filling the void
Noise pounding your ear drums
like an African paranada
Grey matter sorts what it likes
from the bandits it does not.

Communication is the expression of thought
Did thought provoke speech
or did speech provoke thought?
Prophet Mohammed answering his phone
Hello, it's Allah, can you take a message for mankind?
Unwind your spine to release its flow
Chessboard of the landscape
Moving like a pawn across city blocks
Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall
Before falling up into sky and space
Floating past Jupiter and Venus in Furs
Tolerating obscenities across the galaxy
Until he fell off this plane
Into God's eye.

Life Today
I met a man with a hand for a hook
He was muttering and spitting and painting his book
That was the day our great Earth shook
Like a fish flopping on a dry hot deck
Computers spew numbers like winos spew words
Telephone crucifixes covered in birds
Civil unrest between the Turks and the Kurds
Like a sharpened razor dipping into a man's neck
Every young child molded by school
They go off to college and try to be cool
Shipped to the workplace and packed like a mule
Like a 98 cent white paper check
Scientists toil for the future of mankind
Creating new technologies and helping the blind
They certainly seek and they shall find
Like a maggot being sought by a woodpecker's peck

Untitled #1
Freedom is free until its taken from you
Then it must be fought for
Life, Liberty and the Pursuit
That is the American dream
My eyes trace the thighs of Lady Liberty
Our freedom is being taken by rule of fear
Fascists in helicopters, but we're
going to take back our inheritance
Who cares for their corrupt demerits?
Sirens instill fear in America's refugees
It's sick and weak
It's afflicited and meek
Like Daedalus's son
I fly by the sun
At least I can say I tried
He died for his beliefs
Can most say this?
The government won't take a diss
That's why we fight
Our bodies may break
But this earth will quake

Untitled #2
God had a love affair with himself
We are his bastard offspring
God is as infinite as his ego
He requires worship and meager
Tithes to his corrupt officers
We are free of tyranny
You and me
Mankind has a mind
Let our mortality shine
Like a beacon to the stars
Mars is jealous of earth and hearth
If he watches us, he must be deaf
Who could watch humanity's qualms
As the sunbath underneath the palms?
What exactly is a cheeseburger in paradise?
Cows are martyrs
Slaves to mens' barters
As is humanity

Untitled #3
Kali's spear piercing the demon
Even evil can combat evil
Ends justify the means
The silence of violence rings in my ear
War on the street, blood red share
Man has fought man since the dawn of time
You've had yours and I've had mine
Blood will be spilled by brothers and mothers
Across the plasma sky so high
Gods clash
Men bash
It's the truth of our blue sphere
Splattered in green and human organs

Untitled #4
Human beings are the most dangerous game
Look in a prison, they ain't got names
Like animals snarling their regrets
Into the whispers of high to low air pressures
Cans sit at my feet
Paint or beer depending
Soon, uniforms swarm like bees to a flower
Handcuffs muffle my crime and time
Sitting in the station, counting minutes like bong hits
My mits still in shackles
Police spit and cackle
They're criminals like everyone else
Time melts into a stream of events
I choose not to repent
Sins are badges like Jew patches
Everyone has a record
So spin that record
Sitting on the stand
Like judgement day
A questionairre
I ain't ever been in a jumpsuit
Thank god for being white
Not in the law's sight
Racist pigs
Huntin' nigs
Like kids hunt bugs
Spark up the nugs
Ain't ever been chained for that
Service to the community shouldn't just be for criminals
Every person does the minimal
Effort for their town
With a frown
Calling out like a magpie's cry
Smell nuttin' in a tiny village
Police won't let it
Reputations to hold
They're all sold
To the higher up feds
Maybe the mob
So sob
Our system's all wrong.

The implement of vehicular manslaughter wrapped around a tree
The driver's eyes glazed with the sorrows of his life
A knife slips from its sheath
Underneath the skin is blood
What can the human body take before it breaks?
I dropped a 12 ton hammer on my foot, nuts
A rampart of searing lead from my tear ducts
I didn't mean for the case to fall on the lineoleoum or cranium
Of your star-crossed lover
Lost in destiny
Lost in ecstasy
Hold her tight
Backwards ambulance in sight
Can medicine men mend the bones
Of mistakes past?
Death comes last
To everyone's life.

The rectangle of your living room spits advertisements that heal/ poison your home
A conglomerate bombardment into your cranial cavity
The gravity is turned off
Reality is lost
A shot of Novocain to your brain
A syringe to the cerebral cortex
Its grey matter is dying
Its circuitry is frying
Leaves you lying
On the couch, begging for more
Products given voice scream for you money
Honey, you don't even realize your plight
Your sight is unfocused
You shine with the wine
Squeezed from the grapes of wrath
Math controls science and technology
Sociology, Pathology, Mobocracy, Hypocrisy

So there they are! Tell me what you think!
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Re: My poems

Postby Alcazabedabra » Thu Jun 11, 2009 11:24 pm

I, um... I like the sex one.
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Re: My poems

Postby BLANDCorporatio » Sat Jun 13, 2009 8:17 am

Alas, I never had a taste for poetry so this opinion must be taken with large amounts of salt, but here goes ...

Take on something else, because after "What do Porn Stars and the Amish have in common? They have sex" it can only go down.

In any case, said a poet, poetry is dead (which is curious since music lyrics are doing fine)
The whole point of this is lost if you keep it a secret.
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Re: My poems

Postby Rhyme-o-mancer » Sat Jun 13, 2009 12:42 pm

It actually gets better after that in my opinion, the first few are if-y because I still hadn't quite found my flow yet. Why can no one get past that one poem, I should probably take it down.
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Re: My poems

Postby Alcazabedabra » Sat Jun 13, 2009 6:16 pm

Haha, actually I like Accidents and Untitled #2 very much. I read those after posting, and let my post stand because I thought it was funny.

So yes, we can get past the sex one. Some of your others are better than Libido.

and... why did you remove it?! Controversy? Buddy, you're posting this on a forum owned by a writer. You'll never be censored here for something like Libido.
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Re: My poems

Postby Rhyme-o-mancer » Sat Jun 13, 2009 6:56 pm

No, not just this website, it's been posted on quite a few and I feel it subtracts from the rest, this was just a small example of it. On other forums, that's the only one people could talk about.
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Re: My poems

Postby Alcazabedabra » Sat Jun 13, 2009 8:38 pm

Hmm... okay. I can see the logic of that.

Your work is all very good. You should probably get into the Haikumancy thread.
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