Not Dolls, ACTION FIGURES!: a Parson/Ace fic

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Not Dolls, ACTION FIGURES!: a Parson/Ace fic

Postby No one in particular » Wed Oct 16, 2013 5:02 pm

The Author wrote:I said I was going to do a Parson/Ace ship fic! Let me know what you think!

Ace and Parson, in a stunning display of coordination, SOCKED the enemy heavy right in the jaw! At the same time, even! The heavy went down, he never stood a chance!

"Alright!" Ace exclaimed, pumping a fist in the air. "This is the best side EVER!"

"You know it, Ace! Especially since we've got you on it now!" His Chief Warlord called over his shoulder, as he ZAPPED another enemy with one of the dual shockamancy-bracers Ace had designed for him. P-chuu! P-chuu! Boom!

The fight finished quickly after that... it had been a rout from the start, even if it had been an ambush, and Ace and Parson had been cut off from any help, and were outnumbered, like, 24 to 1. Three stacks each? Not even a challenge!

Parson slapped Ace on the back, grinning. "We make a great team, Ace! We should stack together all the time!"

"Do you really mean that, Chief?" Ace could barely contain his glee.

"You know it, Ace! A hot-shot man of action like yourself? How could I resist?" Parson winked at Ace. He was so confident... so strong! And he wanted to work with Ace! Ace felt lightheaded.

"Are you okay, Ace?" Parson's voice grew soft with concern. "Oh no! Did you get hurt? Let me see!"

Quickly, before Ace could say anything, Parson had him lying down and started feeling him all over, looking for where he'd been hit. His hands were like his Hugeness's plans; quick, sure, powerful. Ace wasn't used to being smaller than anyone else, and felt oddly vulnerable under the touch of his Chief Warlord. With a tingle, Ace realized he liked it.

Their eyes met, and Parson's widened as he figured out, with that Titan-blessed mind of his, the real reason for Ace's breathlessness. Before he knew it, Ace had his lips pressed against his Chief Warlord's, and–

"Ace? Are those figurines of you and... and the Chief Warlord, from the tactical table? What... what are you doing with them?"

Ace froze, unable to breathe, before slowly looking over his shoulder at the foolamancer who had just entered his tent. He looked back at the two action figures in his hands (with 36 points of articulation and real battle-damage!) that he'd been pressing together a moment ago, mind furiously trying to come up with any explanation for this situation.

"I, uh, I was... trying to play out how it would go if... the Big Man and I were... to... engage. In a fight! Yeah, like, if I turned. Like Ossomer did." Ace grinned weakly at Jack.

Jack tilted his head to one side and stared at Ace for a few long moments, before grinning slyly. "I can help with that, you know!"

"Uh... what?"

Jack came across the room to sit across from Ace, and with a small bit of Foolamancy, made the figurines in Ace's hands look exactly like the units they were meant to represent. No visible joints, the details on their faces were much cleaner... it really looked like a tiny Ace and Parson, staring at one another. With a wider grin, Jack looked back to Ace and said, "Please... go on."

Ace swallowed dryly.
"Are you always so pessimistic?"
"Not at all. I saved it for my last battle."
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