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Postby Mick715 » Mon Nov 15, 2010 11:30 am

So, hey boys and girls... I have a blog, which is, basically creative writing. I take science articles, or misconceptions, and try to explain them...and try to be funny... It's a weird intersection between...well Bill Nye and the Mythbusters (hopefully... that's my pipe dream anyhow)

Let me know what you think, how I can do better, anything wrong, etc...

Current List of Articles from newest to oldest
The Search for E.T. Continues

Weight Loss: The Honest Truth

A Species in Decline: Sperm

Lies of Thanksgiving: Tryptophan

Cognitive Dissonance: Why the World is Screwy

Vampires! And why Garlic is your best friend

Electricity, Electrons and Educational Institutions

Batman without the Bat

The Next Potential Pandemic of Paranoia

Tetris with Proteins

Regeneration of organs, limbs, not solely fiction now

Anti-matter found within Earth

The Obesity Epidemic

Synthetic Biology, Bioethics and Unicorns, oh my!

Swine flu will come around for another try

Oil cleanup options

Immortality has been achieved!... In Jellyfish

Graphene, not the stuff in your pencils

Let's start on a light note

If this is in the wrong spot, or inappropriate, let me know

Thanks for whatever feedback

My Science Blog
Today's Topic: The Search for E.T. Continues
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