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Re: Digdoug - Episode 22

Postby GWvsJohn » Fri Jun 06, 2014 8:34 am

wih wrote:Do we know that there can only be 1 heir at a time?

In fact we know the opposite. It was stated that Trammenis was popped not as heir and that it was unusual. Ansom was older and heir. And Ossomer was younger, and heir.
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Re: Digdoug - Episode 22

Postby OneHugeTuck » Sat Jun 07, 2014 2:07 am

Lipkin wrote:Vinny would not make a good heir, because he is Noble, not Royal.

Please explain how exactly nobles are not royal.
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Re: Digdoug - Episode 22

Postby Lipkin » Sat Jun 07, 2014 3:10 am

OneHugeTuck wrote:
Lipkin wrote:Vinny would not make a good heir, because he is Noble, not Royal.

Please explain how exactly nobles are not royal.

Nobles pop to a Royal side, outside of the capital. Royals pop in the capital of a royal side.

Also, both Nobles and Royals have to be commanders. Stanley was a lowly pikeman, and thus was not royal or noble, despite popping to a royal side.
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Re: Digdoug - Episode 22

Postby 0beron » Sat Jun 07, 2014 11:13 am

arbo wrote:[garbage]
For one, someone who is entitled never says they are, by very definition of the concept. So good luck finding that particular statement. Secondly, I never called him entitled, because you are correct that he thinks his life kinda sucks...which actually illustrates his naivete and spoiled nature even further. He lives a safe life at the capital, hardly ever seeing combat, having all his meals paid for, and still complains, even before Parson does stuff. Then suddenly, when Parson actually involves him in the killing, he gets all angsty and even more upset. Suddenly he's furious about killing...when hundreds of turns of killing is the very thing that has given him a comfortable life, given him the freedom to make all those MK friends and riches.

Think of it in very simple terms: start of story, we have Sizemore annoyed that he is treated poorly. End of story, we have Sizemore upset about killing. And the only thing that has actually changed between points A & B is that he had to become personally involved. It's honestly that basic. He was even angsty before Parson went into the MK, so we don't even have to unpack that baggage.

However, I've figured out a major possible reason for our disconnect (beyond your potential inability to appreciate the story as a large plot rather than bites), which si this: I'm NOT calling Sizemore a mean/nasty guy. I genuinely believe that he WANTS to do well. But he has lived a sheltered, spoiled life by Erfworld unit standards, and this has led to a very selfish worldview that he isn't conscious of. And that is why looking at his word-for-word statements is bound to confuse you. When someone is delusional (as Sizemore is), you don't take their words at face value, instead you compare their actions to the realities. And when you do that, the situation is painfully clear: Sizemore is (by Erfworld standards) an incredibly fortunate unit, yet at no point in the story is he happy. That is the textbook definition of a spoiled brat.
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GJC wrote:Two guys with basically the same name in a discussion about a character getting cloned.
There's gotta be a good joke in here somewhere.
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Re: Digdoug - Episode 22

Postby arbo » Sat Jun 07, 2014 1:21 pm

Hey man, thanks for replying. I really appreciate that.

0beron wrote:(rant)

Trying to appreciate the story as a large plot is fine, but when it comes to character development, it becomes personal and subjective. Sometimes we even fall prey to selective memory, remembering only the part of a scene that spoke stronger to our feelings about a character. That’s why I was asking for evidence. Are there scenes, dialogue, to illustrate the character’s personality? Bring them on. But it’s difficult. It will always be easier to argue about what the Arkenhammer can or cannot do. It’s objective, we can just look at all the scenes it was ever used. But even if we look at all scenes where Sizemore did or said something, it’s subjective, so for some he will always be the The Scrappy and for others he will be The Woobie. Let’s leave it at that. It’s just that I think all the clues were there that the Story was at least trying hard to build him as a Woobie, and it makes the Story worse to think otherwise. But I understand no one likes a whiner, in the comic or in the forums.

If I can say what I think is the major reason for our disconnect, it would be the very definition of selfish. I always thought that, if you are selfish, you think only of yourself and forgets about others, placing your own needs before anyone else’s. This is clearly not Sizemore. There are at least a dozen scenes where he cares about people, reaches out, lends a helping hand, offers more than he’s asked for, and feels bad for killing even in self-defense. This does not only mean he wants to do well, that he’s not mean and nasty. This means literally he is unselfish. He shows as much concern for others as for himself. So what is the definition of selfish you’re following in this discussion?

I agree he’s lived a safe and sheltered life, but not that it was a spoiled life by Erfworld unit standards -- that’s the standard life for Erfworld casters! Apart from Healomancers and Croakamancers and Olive, most casters we’ve seen stay in cities all the time doing mostly non-battle related work. It would be an overgeneralization to say it makes them all spoiled. Staying away from the harshness of war is part of Erfworld’s caster culture, it does not make them incredibly fortunate units, and it does not make Sizemore more or less self-centered than them. His only sin was finding out he personally dislikes harming others and suffering an emotional breakdown for it. Perhaps he was meant to be a Florist but popped as a Dirtamancer instead?

Anyway I hate the Court of FAQ, too.
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Re: Digdoug - Episode 22

Postby dylanarena » Sat Jun 07, 2014 2:46 pm

Hi folks,

I have no idea whether this is the right place or this (having never posted before), but I love reading Erfworld enough that I wanted to let the team know about a tiny typo in Dig Doug Episode 22:

"It felt right[.] “Will you help me?”"

There's a missing period after "right" in the snippet above.

Hope this finds its way to the team,
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