Button for Latest Comic in Toolbox

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Button for Latest Comic in Toolbox

Postby TMZ_Cinoros » Thu May 20, 2010 4:49 am


One feature that I would love to have is a button or a link to the high-quality version of a comic in the Toolbox. Maybe in between the "Posted in [Category]" and "Comments Off," have a "Hi-Res Version" link. That way, it would save us lazy tools from having to do four clicks (click on drop down, select book 2, select last page, click on latest update) to get to the hi-res version, and we would only have to do one click. Another way to do it could be to have some kind of graphic that promotes the Toolbox, so that non-tools will get jealous and become tools to open up that neat-o button (or something).

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Re: Button for Latest Comic in Toolbox

Postby raphfrk » Wed May 26, 2010 3:20 pm

Also, there seems to be a few versions of the pages:

Taking the latest page available in hi-res:

The full process is:

Main page:

Standard version:
[900px × 1260px] JPEG 430kB

Click Hi-res book 2
Click Last page
Click on last image

Hi-res archive:
[900px × 1260px] PNG 1160kB

Click on image
Click on expand (that might only be a firefox thing)

Raw Hi-res png file:
[1200px × 1680px] PNG 1630kB

If anything, the standard version is better than the middle version, though that could be a browser thing. It is probably interpolating the 1200px*1680 version.

While in "whine-mode" :), the ideal situation would be that the hi-res archive comes up on the main page instead of the standard version, assuming that the user is logged in.

Also, the current page is not even available as hi-res. The 2 versions should be released at the same time. If you don't then, it isn't possible to read new pages "fresh" in hi-res.

In fact, it might be worth it to place the hi-res versions of the pages on the site 24 hours earlier than for general users. However, then you have spoiler issues and it could fragment the community. Maybe the rule would be that discussions are limited to the subscriber only forum.
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Re: Button for Latest Comic in Toolbox

Postby harknell » Thu May 27, 2010 10:06 am

Hi, we'll definitely take your suggestion into account as we move forward. We're doing some very non-standard stuff with how we do things here (how many other comics do you know that present up to 3 versions of each comic in different formats?) so it's a work in progress.

We definitely want feedback on this though so we appreciate it.
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