Email delivery?

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Email delivery?

Postby Infidel » Thu Aug 04, 2011 1:26 pm

Hey all,

I just wanted to request some kind of email delivery of the webcomic and text updates.

I ask because since I'm at sea for months at a time and can't check the updates until we hit a port. Technically, we have internet at sea, but it is by a white list only, and there is no way they will add erfworld to said white list. I don't know if .jpgs will make it through the military email filters, but .pdfs and .docs will.

Also, I know there are a ton of good comics that I will read, then forget to check up on later that I would have continued to follow if there was some sort of automated delivery system involved. In other words, it gives a way to fight fanbase attrition for those that subscribe to it.

For example, I like nodwick, but when I do all my daily checks, erfworld, megatokyo, giantitp, I usually forget nodwick for months at a time, and then have to spend time in the archives digging up old issues for over a year sometimes. Actually, I think it has been more than a year since I last read nodwick.
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