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Quick Reference

Postby malekith » Sun May 17, 2009 11:27 am

Juat a thread with a list of defnitions for certain terms and acronyms used in this section.
Feel free to ad your own and admins feel free to edit this out or possibly globalise it over the forum ;P

So for those few of you not in the know with the lingo:
TT = Table Top (generally used for board/war-games like Risk and Warhammer)
PnP = Pen and paper (generally used for RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons [DnD/D&D])
PbP = play by post (a system used to play PnP RPG and similar games over the web on forums)
IM = instant messenger

Any references to:
- Erfworld/The Comic/Canon = info from te erfworld comic or rob/jamie and can be source linked to a comic page or a post by the creators here or on OotS forums
- Erfworld: The Game/The Game/E:TG = info from or about the homebrewmancy going on here
- Erfworld: The Video Game/The Video Game/E:TVG = info from or about the homebrewmancy going on here

Any more for anymore? I was thinking about a few acronyms for the different official mancies.

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Re: Quick Reference

Postby Doctari » Sun Jun 21, 2009 6:52 pm

PbE - Play by Email
IC - In Character
OOC - Out of Character
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