[Shadowrun]Unpublished Drafts

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[Shadowrun]Unpublished Drafts

Postby Ancient History » Wed Jun 02, 2010 7:29 pm

For everybody who doesn't know me, I'm Bobby Derie and I used to write for Shadowrun. Several weeks back I terminated all my contracts with Catalyst Game Labs, the current license holders of Shadowrun, and withdrew all of my drafts for upcoming products. I made a promise then that I would release these drafts free to the public at some point, and now seems like a good time.

For anyone that might be interested in what might have been, these are my original final drafts for the Shadowrun sourcebooks Runner's Toolkit, Sixth World Almanac, Corporate Guide and Attitude. I had to edit and proof them mostly on my own, so you know who to blame if you come across a typo or something that doesn't add up correctly.

Disclaimer: The Topps Company, Inc. has sole ownership of the names, and/or any proprietary material used in connection with the game Shadowrun. The Topps Company, Inc. is not affiliated with the author, Robert Derie, in any official capacity whatsoever. The information contained in these documents is for non-commercial entertainment purposes only.

The following draft was originally submitted for Runner's Toolkit:

The following drafts were originally submitted for the Sixth World Almanac:
The following drafts were originally submitted for Corporate Guide:
The following draft was originally submitted for Attitude:
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Re: [Shadowrun]Unpublished Drafts

Postby doran » Fri Jul 02, 2010 8:22 pm

I haven't played Shadowrun but I'll certainly have a look!
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