Your most unique character personality?

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Re: Your most unique character personality?

Postby depricated » Mon Aug 17, 2009 9:11 pm

I've had some interesting characters.

There was one in an old-school MUD I played who was...quite complex. I eventually got a lifetime ban for selling duped plats XD but it's the best ending the character could have had(fading into obscurity)

He was vicious and mean, for one, curmudgeonly even. That funny part about it was that he couldn't back up his rage, he was entirely weak and frail, but had a good grasp on magic. There was a plotline a few friends organized and I featured in, where the character went insane and waged a personal war against the elders of his race. It ended with his exile, naming him kinslayer, and eventually he just vanished into obscurity. It was a cool storyline. Fun stuff. Oh and his reasons were themed around the sacrifice of the few for the good of the many.

There's a Vampire TM character I still play who's a lot of fun, but I'm willing to bet at least one other person on these boards is in OWbN so I'm not going to go into his story given the rampant metagaming that goes on in most games.
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Re: Your most unique character personality?

Postby Daemonwelsh » Sun Oct 25, 2009 4:28 am

I ran a character in 3.5e who was something new (for me), and it ended up getting eaten by a dinosaur.
It was a cleric squirrel of the time/pestilence domain. nobody could ever tell who created the plagues that spread throughout the land, as he would cast time stop, a delayed version of Contagion, and then leave the area.
The delayed part was a meta-magic rule from an earlier game which our current DM had been playing a wizard.

I was chaotic evil in a party of good, and kept attempting to kill my party, though their characters never realized it.

probably the most enjoyable game of D&D I have played.
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Re: Your most unique character personality?

Postby Lightbender » Sun Oct 25, 2009 12:21 pm

I played a halfling rogue/assassin once who felt that he was fighting for justice as a vigilante. The problem was he was slightly insane and would mete out death from the shadows to people who definately didn't deserve it and saw things and black and white. The idea behind the campaign was that his country was occupied by an enemy nation, so he actually was killing off people who didn't join the rebellion or were helping the enemy in some way because they were traitors. It was strictly not true, they were just trying to get on with their lives, but hey, slightly insane is slightly insane.
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Re: Your most unique character personality?

Postby carisbourg » Sun Oct 25, 2009 8:09 pm

That would probably be my stereotype barbarian, "Thag son of Clem son of Carl who slew the mighty cave bear with one blow of his mighty fist" That was his name. Every time someone asked I recited the whole thing. The other players and the DM had fun with this, they would all stand to the side, look bored, crack jokes and drum their fingers until the character was done. (The Barbarian 2nd ed I think) ability to detect magic I played as a scent for him. "I smell magic, eeevil magic." He was always right about the evil part, since we were playing in the Ravenloft setting. What the character did not know because It didn't happen until the next game I played was that his grandfather Carl, who slew the cave bear with one blow of his mighty fist, was actually a regular fighter with a magic sword named Cave Bear that he slew with, with one blow of his mighty fist. Carl drank a potion of Epic Polymorph one day by accident and turned into a female elf. The DM decided that his age didn't change, so he was a 25-year-old adolecent female elf. He never went home. I still haven't had a chance to use both of them in the same scenario.
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Re: Your most unique character personality?

Postby Freemage » Tue Nov 17, 2009 8:24 pm

A 3.0/3.5 Gray Elf Alienist in the old Living Greyhawk campaign setting. Easily my most abrasive character ever, yet he had a certain... flair. For instance, back when he was simply a Wizard, he thanked the priests of Rao (the god of serenity) for cursing him with a "withdrawal of peace of mind", thereby setting him on the path to the Alienist PrC.

He generally disliked his elvish heritage--particularly because the setting was rife with "ancient elven ruins sealing a great evil which is now breaking free because of the actions of humans". His feeling was that if the ancient elven rulers were such hot boop, they should've been able to stick up a sign reading, "ANCIENT EVIL BURIED HERE. IT WILL RIP YOUR SOUL OUT."

So, during a major plot-event in Highfolk (one of the big elf-dominated nations in the setting), lots of people got stuck in one of the cities, which was in a siege. For the entire summer, the campaign ran a special YahooGroup for people with characters caught in the siege, allowing them to role-play conversationally. Of course, Highfolk being what it was, about ninety percent of the characters present were either elven, or nature-based classes like Druid and Ranger.

Cut to a scene in the bar. Several folks were talking about sending their animal companions out over the battlefield to do some scouting, and someone suggested that perhaps the arcanists should do the same with their familiars. My PC, already pretty much the odd one out, proceded to posit that while it was all well and good for the nature-lovers to send their companions over the enemy, any arcanist who did the same was a fool, because the destruction of a familiar actually weakened the caster's soul (ie, lost XP), and thus put the whole of the war effort at risk when the final battle was ultimately joined.

This, of course, resulted in several objections from those who felt that Alokar (my character) was maligning the bond they shared with their animal companions as being somehow 'inferior'. Now, it's true that Alokar thought those present were inferior, but that had precious little to do with their animal companions. ;) Finally, to settle the argument, Alokar reached into the folds of his cloak and set the albino toad (unnamed, as Alokar insisted it required four mouths, two of which had to have at least three sets of vocal cords, to speak its real name) on the bar. He then instructed it to assume its true (ie, Pseudonatural) form--think Chibi-thulu, only without the cute. My post finished with the lines, "As you look upon the unnatural thing on the bar, the thought arises, unbidden: 'He shares his soul with that.' Alokar then looks at those assembled and asks, 'Do you still wish to compare your animal companions to my familiar?"

Everyone else found somewhere else to drink for the night, leaving him alone in the bar--which, really, had been his goal all along.

(Note: I rarely play such acerbic characters, usually prefering those who make the peace among the rest of the group. But when one of your class features is a -10 on all Diplomacy checks, really, you may as well jump in whole-hog.)
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Re: Your most unique character personality?

Postby redrum » Tue Nov 24, 2009 3:11 pm

My most interesting character started out as a Lawful Evil Tiefling monk in a pathfinder campaign because of a Deck of Many Things his alignment got reversed to Chaotic Good(with evil tendencies) and he had to take one level out side of the monk class he chose cleric. He had three wishes so he wished for the Discipline of a monk so he could continue as one, for a monk's robe and for a belt of bodily perfection( +4). A few levels later we ran into a demon with a death attack and the monk failed to make the will save. when he died the "Robe" sent tendrals into his flesh basically reincarnating him as a Shadow Demon, with his monk levels intact and actually replacing the cleric level with another monk level. Now he is a Chaotic Evil Shadow Demon monk (6th lvl, ECL 8th) heading toward a modified assassin class that is modified with shadow dancer special abilities.

Should be fun from here.
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Re: Your most unique character personality?

Postby varanda » Tue Dec 08, 2009 9:19 am

think my most unique character was my Choatic Nuetral non devotional Cleric for an ebberon campaing with a newbie dm. Lets just say she/he had some gender issues.
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Re: Your most unique character personality?

Postby Sinrus » Sun Dec 27, 2009 10:17 pm

Well, I made an orc wizard who was a genius by human standards (20 intelligence).

My favorite was definitely when I invented my own race called elfling. Basically in between an elf and a halfling for height, but with no eyes and limited psionic abilities so that he could 'see' normally sense everything around him up to 5 feet away, including invisible/hidden things. He was a sorceror who spent his first feat getting exotic weapon: bastard sword proficiency and had strength as his second highest skill. I ended up being more of a melee fighter than spellcaster.
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Re: Your most unique character personality?

Postby RevengeoKing » Mon Dec 28, 2009 8:27 pm

Some of you who hang around GitP forums might have encountered me as Geno9999.
On one of the GitP PbP Games, I play as a Cloudcuckoo Lander Glass Cannon named Rakken in a Fire Emblem-inspired game.
I basically just Flanderized myself whenever I play him, spouting random, off-wall/topic comments, lampshade hang various aspects of Fire Emblem games and is most likely to enjoy a nice cup of tea with Cthulhu. And made his theme this neat little tune.
Revengeoking, otherwise known as Geno9999 on GitP Forums.
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Re: Your most unique character personality?

Postby Shoki » Tue Dec 29, 2009 9:08 pm

In a homebrew firefly/starwarish game i played the race with everything culturally and statwise for close combat and instead played a sniper. Then i dumped skills feat what have you to make him a dead shot, now since in this system had most of the weapons have a mimin strength i took the largest weapon with the longest range which i think was a antimaterial rifle or what was meant to be a vehcical weapon. It's hard to explain but i played a berzerking sniper as i recall one game i had been shot/blinded in one eye and my scope shattered i then charged the person and beat them to death and a few others before i was put down by overwelming force.
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Re: Your most unique character personality?

Postby Arkenbomb » Wed May 26, 2010 10:53 am

My favorate character i've ever played would have to be Kah'rosh, a Drow(i love this race) Sorcerer, Lawful Evil. I had him maxxed out the arse with charisma and bluff, along with spells to help rolls for said things. He had a few outright destructive spells of course, and one or two necromancy(he called himself a 'dabbler' in the art). He had a love of conning people, demons, devils, celestials, other drow, illithids, royalty, and anyone who he could con out of anything he could get out of them. I was constantly useing my insanely high bluff to get away with almost anything, even useing a scroll to turn a king into a frog and succeding(natural 20 this time though) in bluffing everyone in the room, who saw my character do it, that it was the queen who did it. Much amusement was to be had with him and he lasted me a long time. He often tried to bluff his way out of anything that could lead to him being hurt, and often bluffed to get the best stuff/most cash he could get. Sometimes if i was bored when i was playing him i even had him use his bluff stat to seduce royalty(now that i think back i must have rolled a 20 in diplomacy to have my DM let me get away with that) only to run off with their stuff. The last campain I played with him ended in the coolest way imaginible, we fought our way through the 9th hell, being sent there through portal to combat Asmodious(we where hired by a demon lord, evil campain obviously). I managed to Bluff Asmodious into thinking it was most proffitible to himself if he gave me every last drop of his power before going to hide out in the mortal realm for awhile, and i didn't even roll a 20, i rolled 19 but the bonus from my bluff skill managed to allow me to succeed
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Re: Your most unique character personality?

Postby zilfallon » Thu Sep 02, 2010 4:35 pm

My 3 favourite characters, are both from dnd 3.5 forgotten realms.

First is, a human sorcerer who has 2 opposite personalities, chaotic good and chaotic evil. His power came from this evil spirit, so casting spells, and growing stronger in magic increased the chances of his evil side taking over his body. Because of that, he was very diplomatic, peaceful, and he never casted a spell unles it was really, really necessary. When the evil one took control, he tried to bring them into situations where using magic would be necessary for survival, or he put his friends with his plots at risk, thereby forcing use of magic, even if the good one managed to regain control. His good side searched for a way to get rid of this cruel side of him, even if it cost him his magical powers. Eventually, the sorcerer grew stronger, and before the good side managed to succeed, the evil one plotted to take control forever, by transforming to a lich. Durin the ritual, sorcerer kills himself and reanimates in his old "body" with powers of a lich. Using this, the evil side killed the body, thereby "killing" them both, but only made himself a lich, removing the good side forever. Of course, campaign wasn't revolved around this sorcerer, but it was his motivations and actions which manipulated the entire party and his good side to danger. So yes, my character was the stories villain. And the campaign's end? Well i disguised myself, and continiued to act like the old me, mostly good, peaceful, but sometimes evil. But well, i just couldn't hide being a lich for too long. In a combat, i died. Of course, i came back in my phlactery, but they didn't know it, and they just thought me as gone. My ultimate goal was to become a demilich, totally ruling the magic in Faerun. The purpose was, to teach magic to as many people as possible. Demiliches are immune to magic, so the more wizards there are in Faerun, less people to oppose me.
In the shadows, i manipulated the party to even more mess, all to take out strong wizards with strong positions in big cities, like archmages of wizard guilds and such.
But, after a miscalculated plan, they found out it was me pulling the strings. Their reactions were SUPERB :D Of course, they came after me, we had a loong talk. They weren't necessarly good. There was a human female lawful-neutral monk who was in love with me. She was shocked to see me lying that much to her. Well, I was in love
with her too, both good and evil me, but the evil me saw it as a weakness and tried to deny it. She closed herself to the monastery she trained in, trying to focus on her path to perfection and forget about me. The rest of the party, a barbarian who owes his life to me, and a fallen-paladin (it was because of me he became fallen). They came at me with much anger. Of course, i had a trap waiting for them, but before attacking, i tried to talk my way out of it, to see if i can gain new "minions". The paladin was on the edge of becoming a blackguard, and the barbarian really thought of me as his best friend, he agreed to side with me if I let him punch me in the face.
Without the monk i love around, distant from her for a long time, i just had to suck it up and admit that i love her, and that in order to prevent those emotions getting in my way i had to keep her close, instead of distant. I went to the monastery, and just removed my disguise in the front gate, where she could see mee. She told me that she needs to remove her emotions in order to achive "perfectness", but i convinced her to come, saying that she needs the eternal life i'll give her to achieve that perfectness, and told her that "we" humans need emotions to fill our weaknesses, that no human is perfect alone, and perfect can be only achieved together.
In short words, a sorcerer with 2 personalities who became a demilich who's insane with power, enjoys manipulation and lies and destruction, but also in love with a lawful evil vampire monk. (There's no such thing as "evil" can't love or "good" can't hate. Every sould has both emotions. Not to start a "good" "evil" debate, but i wrote this note in case someone says "evil fell in love?". If you aren't convinced, you can go read Rich Burlew's posts about evil knowing friendship and love.)
Second is a human, wizard this time. He had a very fragile body, he was physically very weak, and had a very bad memory. His family died while he was young. But his father already sent him to a wizard school, because the boy was very intelligent. But thanks to his bad memory, he couldn't to well in school and got kicked out. However, he was thirsty. Thirsty of knowledge, of magic and of books. He found a job as a librarian, and read all the time. He slept as much as elves, but this made his body even weaker, although he needed this kind of "sacrifice" to make up for his memory.
He was a genius, he was able to cast all spells better than everyone, he had a special talent, but sometimes he forgot the words of the spell he is casting, at the start, or at the middle :D Combats with this character was really funny :) His ultimate goal was to know everything and live a peaceful life, but as the campaign progressed, he got looked down and ridiculed, always disliked by everyone, thanks to his bad memory, fragile body and unstable mind. He was really childish, as insane as you can be. He didn't want to hurt anyone, he wasn't cruel. But events made him rebel against his way of living. He suddenly gone rampage and yelled "ENOUGH!" when he got a beating in a tavern. He killed everyone there, burned the building, and he was about to animate the corpses of people who looked down on him, to have the pleasure of killing them again. That's when the party interfered and stopped him. He acted like he had regret, but there was no turning back, his ultimate goal was now killing everyone who looked down on him in past, being powerful than all, and being unchallanged. The party was no different to him...After they fought a dragon, he took everyone being wounded as an opportunity and attacked them, killing 2 of 3 party members, but the paladin managed to put an end to his rage. That was really a funny game :)
Third is a human fighter(again human, lol). The world we played in was dominated by a powerful lich wizard. There was only 1 city not under his control. We were playing as members of those "rebels". It was a damn long rebellion. It lasted from level 1 until level 20. The Party found a scythe, an artifact forged by Nerull himself, with purpose of taking lives. This scythe was Lawful Evil, and it was bloodthirsty. It needed to cut living flesh and absorb their blood. Absorbing blood made it powerful, and after a lot of blood-drain, it was able to unleash total destruction and death. But if left unfed for around a week, it would compell the wielder to just kill something. And it was damn hard resisting its control. It was clearly an evil artifact, but the I managed to convince the party to accept me wielding it, saying we needed it's powers to take the lich out. Of course, after a time, i figured it's thirst, and tried to take as many lives as possible to prevent the scythe from dominating me. My ultimate goal was to destroy the lich, and i was ready to bear any consequences for that cause. Sometimes, the scythe compelled me to attack, but it was smart, and didn't make me kill any of my friends because their powers were needed to take more lives. It just made me charge into nearby animal, or giant, or dragon :D Eventually, i was corrupt by it's power. More i kill, stronger i become, and with more power i can kill more and so on...
One time, we were working with some storm giants to kill a dragon which was working for the lich. There was also a mage aiding the dragon. That mage put a Wall of Force between the party, splitting it in 2 groups. After the dragon fight, Wall of Force was still there. I was alone with 2 wounded storm giants in a secluded place, wielding a bloodthirsty powerful artifact. Dragon fight required me to use artifact's powers, and it was thirsty, even after taking the dragon's life. I killed those giants, and party was in shock... I told them that the scythe forced me to do this. It wasn't a lie. I just couldn't see the difference between being controlled by it to kill, or killing for more power. They knew i was corrupt, but they knew we needed this scythe.
Eventually, we fought the lich. Scythe really troubled him, and almost took him out. But he decided to focus on me, and killed me. The scythe was full with blood, and it created me as a vampire in the temple we found him. The party killed the lich. As they were going to destroy his phlactery, i've gone to the capital, and killed the high-priest and rebel commander, also slaughtering the entire rebel army. I wasn't just a dumb fighter. I've hit the temple first, because they would be the greatest threat to a vampire. And well, regular soldiers are just no match to an epic-level fighter with a greater artifact scythe, even if they are outnumbering.
Then, I withdrew to the temple, and the party destroyed the lich and freed the country forever. But when they returned to the city to celebrate, they were just shocked with the genocide. They found out that the artifact completely took over me. They came to the temple, there was a very short, but challenging combat.
Well, it was short. Because i landed a critical hit to the cleric of pelor and the bard, instantly splitting them to half. The halfling sorcerer managed to disintegrate me with his rod of maximize, then, he had the other 2 resurrected. They have sealed the artifact, and resurrected me. Meanwhile, our bard has become the country's king.(After the rebel leader was brought back to life, he suggested our bard to take the lead, because he believed himself unfit to be a peace-time ruler.) He was known everywhere and loved by anyone, and his knowledge of manners and diplomacy just made him a good king. The High Priest didn't come back to life, because he fulfilled his duty and earned the right to rest in afterlife. Our cleric took the duty of the high priest. I was promoted to the commander of army and right hand of king. But well, in truth, a bard, who is chaotic by nature, is unfit to be a king. He got bored, and just disappeared, with the waitress he loved. And of course, the crazy halfling sorcerer were nowhere to be found. I took the crown, because i knew the bard wasn't going to come back, and the campaign finished with a good end. (Unlike the first 2 i wrote, lol)
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Re: Your most unique character personality?

Postby BaronRed » Thu Oct 21, 2010 2:24 pm

My most unique character was also the longest running... He was around so long that he actually got to experience real growth and development! A luxury in many RPGs. This was 2nd ED D&D, starting about the time the 2nd edition even came out. Also, as type this up, it's important to note... Deities in this campaign were active in the world, not just beings to be worshiped.

Being a bunch of young and nerdy teens, the obligatory first real campaign started with a group of Drow. My character was named Rae'niil, a Lawful Evil (this is important for later) Paladin of a non-Drow specific war deity. The campaign started with various groups of PCs defending a frontier temple from a collection of underdark rebels and surface dwellers. My Paladin was sworn for life to protect a priestess of Lilthl, and the two (among other NPCs) were defending a tunnel. Through the fate of the dice, the priestess (another player) wound up being killed. Rae'niil's fairly creative revenge wound up having Lilth permanently curse the entire tunnel. Two or three people managed to make enough rolls to escape the cursed area, and eventually Rae found himself utterly alone in the region. He should have killed himself for his failure, but couldn't bring himself to do it. Eventually he found other survivors and refugees to form a small war party, and in a fairly Ronin-esque chapter went after the leaders of the raid on the temple.

Only two players survived that particular chapter, at the end of which Rae had decided to remain on the surface. He came to the conclusion that the burning of the sun was his penance for his failure, and wouldn't shirk the punishment by fleeing back underground. Being a Paladin saved his life more often than not at that point... when he was near any other living creature, he lived in his armor, helm and all. He'd even tied a thin silk band over his eyes to shield them from the sun, so there was no way to determine what he was. Eventually, he'd convinced his party that he wasn't even, and revealed himself for what he was (at that point, he was Lawful Neutral). That party stayed together through several chapters, with the occasional player or character swapped out. Until our DM decided to pull in a horribly epic chapter.

The party entered a dying valley, and wound up being trapped there by a curse the same as the village people were. Trying to leave would result in the person's vision graying out until they were blind. The only way to remove the blindness was the move back into the valley. So, the party would have to solve the curse... and the DM refused to help. Our characters were stuck there for two years game time (and like 5 months real life playing time), and both the characters and players slowly lost their patience and at least in game, minds. The short short version, an ancient god had been cast down and town asunder by a collection of deities, and his remains were scattered across the valley. The way we were supposed to end the curse was find out how to destroy the remains, and we'd gone so far as to research their locations. My Paladin, however, became convinced that the solution was to resurrect the god and kill him again. To this end, hiding his intentions from the other party members AND the DM, he'd collected the remains. In the end, Rae attacked two of the party members, knocked them unconscious, and killed a towns person who had been hindering them at every turn. He collected the pieces in an abandoned temple, and to revive the deity he actually went so far as to sacrifice his paladin mount to bring it about.

Needless to say by that point he'd strayed pretty far from Lawful anything (textbook Chaotic Neutral, stark raving mad)... The DM had to come up with a Deus Ex Machina resolution to the chapter since having the evil brought back to life wasn't a part of anything, and it'd be a TPK trying to deal with it. Some of the deities who'd cast the evil one down originally intervened, including Rae's own deity. The others removed the remains and lifted the curse, saying they'd allowed his influence to linger too long. While they applauded Rae's intent, he'd crossed the line in his service, and was stricken down from the ranks of the Paladins. But because his deity was amused by his service and desire to fight, he was granted abilities more fitting with his path (IE, he became a multi-class fighter / cleric of equal level).

The new (true neutral alignment and class) arrangement worked well, and the stories continued. Eventually, we got into a much longer persistent campaign. Our party, along with some mercenaries, were accosted by a small war party while hunting bandits. Words were exchanged, the war party attempted to arrest everyone, and our party fought back. We lost half the players, and both groups wound up being all but destroyed. It turns out the leader of the war party was the 'king' of a neighboring kingdom, attempting to enforce the law along his border. His men promised to swear allegiance to our party as a leading council in exchange for their lives (he who kills the king becomes the king was a bit of a tradition). The surviving party members pass, figuring that to be a good way to wind up dead in short order, except for Rae who (again I think shocked even the DM) by accepting their offer. So, he wound up inheriting a small city-state.

Months later, (he was likely chaotic good at this point), the largest nation of their continent called all banners to help defend their capitol. Rae and a small contingent reported as summoned. The nation was irked that he brought so few, and stuck them with some merchant marines to hold the docks outside of town, the least defensible position. The fight at the docks was vicious... Numerous walls and rings were used to defend as well as slaughter (fire and blades primarily), with various archers and marine mages inside the defenses trying to hold off the invaders. One member of our party had been bought by the opposing nation, loaning him a legendary artifact and gold in exchange for his service. Eventually, Rae and another mage noticed the halfling pelting defenders inside the defenses with his sling (the artifact). Rae shield bashed him, took his blade, and then the sling. In the end, he knew he couldn't trust the traitor when there was a chance he could get the sling back, so Rae prayed to his deity to sunder it. Being legendary, the DM set long odds against that... and then rolled two natural 20's in a row for the sundering. The resulting event effectively dispelled all the magical enchants in the city as well as both armies. Everything had relied heavily on magic previously (city and armies), and just about everything in the area wound up destroyed. Rae'niil and the others left the battle, and went back to their kingdom, with Rae getting the nickname Realmbreaker.

Again, months (or years) passed with other small exploits and adventures. Eventually, a necromancer had come to power in the old kingdoms, and found the city / battle site a perfect place to go recruiting and set himself up. So, the party found themselves on the front line of a war against the undead, defending their lands while leading the remaining unconquered human nations. The necro had found a way to make himself a minor deity by the time the party found him. We knew going into the encounter that the plan was for a TPK and this was the end of the campaign. Four (of the six) party members actually attacked him during his ritual. Two, including Rae, survived as the ritual collapsed. Both he and the other survivor were made level-0 deities (little more than hero status). Rae returned to his kingdom then to rule (as Neutral Good in the end). The campaign ran from when we were 11 or 12 until we were 18. I even got to play a few cameo's with Rae and his kingdom on trips home from college.

That was a fun character to play... despite being a death sentence for anyone else playing in a party with him. Some guys went through five or six characters when the dice were fickle... they never did hate Rae though.
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Re: Your most unique character personality?

Postby storobin » Thu Dec 09, 2010 1:11 am

killed so that he could wear their thigh bones ("strong bones" he called them) on his armor in order to gain the strength of his enemies. This initially irritated the other characters who had made a habit of selling the bodies of their fallen foes to a local necromancer (also, one of the other characters eventually gained the ability to create undead herself). Eventually, they reached a compromise: the value of any corpses Grac ruined by taking their strong bones came out of his share of the treasure.
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Re: Your most unique character personality?

Postby Foolamancer » Thu Dec 09, 2010 11:24 am

James Mordecai.

Not exactly "my" character. I was the GM. He was the villain that I was running in a sci-fi campaign. The only time I've ever run the villain as a straight-up Complete Monster.

In every other game that I have ever run, my players have regretted having to kill the villains. Even if they were irredeemably evil and had crossed the Moral Event Horizon repeatedly, they were at least cool, and many of them were genuinely sympathetic characters.

Mordecai is the only villain I have run that the players actually hated. They despised him. Not because he was a lame villain - afterwards, they told me that they were really impressed at him - but because he was so utterly despicable. Most of the time, my players journey across the land, looking for ways to make themselves powerful enough to confront the villain, and sometimes even ally with said villain when larger dangers become known. Not this time. They spent the entire campaign doing nothing but hunting this guy down. They refused to accept his offer of help when the galaxy was in danger of destruction and Mordecai could have averted it with their help (they saved it themselves later). When they finally killed him, they didn't celebrate. They just kind of sat back and nodded at each other.

He was a sadist and a mass murderer. He was a sociopath. He was utterly cold, callous, and calculating in his destruction of life. He employed the most underhanded, unbelievably evil methods of coercion, deception and intimidation that I'm actually kind of creeped out that I was able to come up with him - and act out his actions.
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Re: Your most unique character personality?

Postby Tharivole » Wed Dec 29, 2010 3:09 pm

My most unique character was a chaotic neutral kobold ranger. His name was Ast' Akular. He worshiped Obad-Hai and was disillusioned with the behavior of normal kobolds. He preferred to camp in the wilderness instead of in caves and actually chose a favored enemy that *gasp* wasn't a gnome. He was kicked out of his clan when he tried to lead a revolt against their leader. My favorite instance was when he got into a philosophical discussion with a human paladin where he eventually convinced the paladin to join his group. I am a dungeon master for 3.5 edition.
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Re: Your most unique character personality?

Postby mmooneybsa » Wed Jan 26, 2011 11:07 pm

D&D 3.5
1. "The Tank"
Ghoul Touched Half Clay Golem Tauren (or Minotaur)

Never even got to play him. But his personality was going to be very child-like: innocent, kind, but vengeful.

Our DM was sick of players acting evil with good or neutral aligned characters and decided to have an evil campaign as a teaching tool. Starting ECL was 7, any 3.5 book allowed. Upon seeing my character he canceled the game. The character was designed to easily kill every other PC (7 of them) without the slightest chance of being threatened by the combined group. Immunity to damn near everything, the only weaknesses were to bludgeoning, high level magic, and that his top speed was 60ft / round (if he did nothing else).

2. the Kender

This game took place instead of the evil campaign, it went much better.

I was playing a Kender as it is meant to be played, which is tough to do. No need for me to describe, just read the wiki if you don't know. The important thing about it, is I was still an extreme introvert at the time, and the personality required me to be the center of attention at all times.
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Re: Your most unique character personality?

Postby Afjord » Fri Jan 28, 2011 7:51 pm

Sit back and relax. Close your eyes, now open them again... Are you reading this? Then you have failed, start over.

The setting was early 1900, just after WWI, Great Britain. My character was an old, racist and ridiculously rich Lord, with a tendency to come with sporadic outburst. His most prized possession was a caliber 88 Hunting rifle that he had used in the late 1800-hundreds to hunt Game in Africa and on several occasions also hunts involving the natives of the continent.
My favorite scene was on the docks, where a ship had landed from Africa. Several hypnotized natives with hooks and weapons of some design circled in on my character and his good friend, who was absolutely useless with a weapon. My reaction? “I shoot the closest one with Sasha” (yes, the rifle was called Sasha). We used an innovative system, involving a deck of cards. The higher, the better and you started with a hand of 2 cards that you could play at any time. I choose to draw a random card, and got a black ace. Ace was highest, black gave the best result with physical actions and my character was better with weapons than most, so the GM looks at me and says “ya, he’s shot in two halves, split at pelvis.”
Good times xD Made the rest of the party laugh themselves figuratively to death several times. Even the GM cracked once or twice
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Re: Your most unique character personality?

Postby tigerusthegreat » Thu Mar 03, 2011 3:44 pm

In a SW campaign I played a while back I had a soldier character that was basically made to blow stuff up. He wasn't a serious character, I hadn't expected him to live very long, and I wasn't that in to the SW RPG (among other things that pissed me off was that the DM made a super powered droid character that was "his PC" that showed up everyone else at every turn. At one point he was on a spaceship's hull, sniping pilots out of starfighters with an improved laser rifle).

So our first adventure has us stranded on a Seperatist planet, me along with two jedi padawans (their master had been killed in combat). I have the bright idea of blowing up the wall of one of the hangars, breaching into the spaceport and stealing a ship. After a lot of arguing, we end up doing just that. I roll a 20 on the check to set the explosives and end up taking out half the starport (including several ships that were going to pursue us off world and make things difficult). We steal an old transport ship, and escape to friendly lines.

By the next adventure, I had tricked out the starship to be an effective war vessel. We headed for Kashyyk (at some point we picked up the aforementioned super droid A-hole). When we arrived there was a very powerful blockade in place. the droid said that he could get us out of there (odd since I was piloting and he wasn't co-piloting) but only to Korriban. Not wanting to go to the Sith Homeworld (and wanting to screw over the DM who was ticking us off at that point), we tried to break through the blockade. After a rousing battle, we crash landed onto Kashyyk, loosing the ship in the process and nearly our lives (a lucky 20 piloting check saved the day). We linked up with Yoda and his clone troops, and fought off some droid troops, and other things. Then the DM decided Order 66 came through, and the clone troops attempted to kill us. He also decided my character was force sensitive, and the trauma of all the jedi being killed put me in a coma for that battle. When I woke again, Yoda and the other two jedi (full Knights/masters by now) decided that I was to be trained as a Jedi. My character reluctantly went along with it, and I took a level or two in a Jedi class, then went back to taking soldier levels. Til the end of the campaign I was more likely to use a grenade launcher or carbine than my lightsaber and powers, which irritated both the DM and the other two jedi to no end for some reason.
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Re: Your most unique character personality?

Postby AustinRM » Mon Apr 04, 2011 3:32 am

My favorite Character that I have ever made personally was a character in Shadowrun.

I was a mystic adept with various cybernetic agumentations such as an arm replacement and some teeth replacements. Because of this the character had a less-than-stellar magic skill (magic links to body and body is lowered by agmentations). I played a race of furry elves from an older edition translated to the newer one. My character was modeled after everyone's hero: The Janitor. Having worked for an evil South American corp he left in a rage after finding out they were experimenting on his kid brother (a technomancer). He then became a assassian for hire and eventually, a runner.

All his weapons were modeled after janitorial supplies. He carried around small, pillow-mint shaped C4 charges. Had shampoo and conditionar that combined to make deadly gases. Had a bucket that contained a drop door for various guns. Because of the terrible rules of I think it was third edition my character naked could walk through a wall of gunfire and never get hit (though shotguns nevermissed). While he was a viciously good assasian he also had a strong moral compass. When hitting people he almost always used his fist and dealt stun damage. In the two years (2 sessions a week) the game lasted he fired his gun a total of 12 times. Every shot killed.

His main weapon was a broom with monofilliment wire for the brissles. the rod of the broom was an electrical battery that allowed him to turn the broom into a shocking weapon. However due to his agmentation and his cybernetics, he could punch a hole in a tank.

The one part that still makes me smile when I think about it is a NPC named Steve. Steve was a police officer working security at a Hospital. My character was hired by a Johnson to break the Johnson out of the hospital (he predicted himself getting shot, but living, and the shooter coming to the hospital to finish it). While trying to break this man out of the hospital my character alerted Steve who put a round in my characters chest. My character knocked steve unconsiscse and stole his id.

When steve was let out of the hospital with a minor concussion he returned home to find his house had an extra room put on with a pool table and a fancy TV. He also had some flowers and an apology for my character.

To solitify my characters need to always help the right people the only "spell" I ever took for the mage side of my mystic adept was a spell that allowed me to heal someones P damage and turn it into S damage on myself. The only time I ever got close to dieing in that game was when I converted 7P into 7S on myself but had to overcast to do it and suffered another 6S to myself knocking me out. Luckily steve talked to the cops for me and they let me go. I just couldn't let that woman die because she got caught in the crossfire of my shoot out.
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