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Postby vintermann » Wed Sep 05, 2012 5:05 pm

"Preordered" this game through the Kickstarter. It's an interesting little fantasy game where you bid for heroes by boasting (e.g. "He could do this blindfolded!"), and then go into a dungeon with them and inevitably get killed.

It invarily draws comparions to Munchkin, but it looks more like a Loony/Real Man game to me, if we go by the same stereotypes as the article which introduced munchkins.

It's designed by Donald X. Vaccarino, author of the pretty well known card game Dominion, and IMHO the most talented board game designer in the US currently (and that's saying a lot!). He's only published four games, and half of them have won the most prestigious prize in boardgaming. That prize (Spiel des Jahres) is quite family-oriented, but Dominion has been a huge hit with geeks too.

There's about one week remaining on the Kickstarter presently. The publisher, Travis Worthington of Indie Board Games has a good track record on Kickstarter deliveries. It's passed its funding goal, so it's a safe thing, but in my humble opinion it's got about 1/10 of the attention it deserves so far ... maybe because the Kickstarter is comparatively "clean" and doesn't offer any stretch goals, early bird options or other carrots beyond a good price and 3 promo cards.

The Kicktraq is here: ... t-of-fools
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