Epilogue 08 - Parson and Wanda Dissect the Battle

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Re: Epilogue 08 - Parson and Wanda Dissect the Battle

Postby Oberon » Sat Sep 21, 2013 8:33 pm

Shai_hulud wrote:...What? You mean Jews, right? That story is Jewish. Lillith is ancient middle eastern.
All successful religions absorb aspects of the religions they are seeking to replace. You can't take away people's feasts and celebrations and expect them to embrace your new god, you've got to convince them that it was your new god all along who gave them that feast or celebration.

Christmas = Yule
Easter = Passover = Ēostre

Shai_hulud wrote:She knows he says humina around cute babes. That may be useful to her machinations later on. Her sexy machinations.
Yeah, that's never happening. Parson wasn't willing to bang an archon partially because he skeeved about Wanda looking through their eyes at him during the act (which makes the 'revelation' that she can see through their eyes a bit odd, considering that Parson already knew that, but I guess that's retconjuration for you). Banging Wanda herself would be just as bad, or worse. If people haven't figured it out by now, Wanda is probably the last person on Erf that Parson would want to hook up with. She is the person Parson most misunderstands, and that makes him a bit afraid of her.
How using capslock wins arguments:
Zeroberon wrote:So we know with 100% certainty that THIS IS HOW TRI-LINKS WORK, PERIOD END OF STORY.
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