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Link ideas

Postby Roketter » Fri Oct 11, 2013 6:23 pm

As everyone knows, ever so on, the authors of webcomic forums many times actually read what people post, and SOMETIMES they even borrow part of the ideas posted by the masses.

So if Parson needs to come out as a genius, what are the first experiments he should do using the five casters at his disposal ?

Croakmancy + dirtmancy: This combo is clearly OP. Parson should seek ways to exploit it. Perhaps not every hex contains a dormant volcano, but there are many things below the surface that could be uncroaked. Specifically, he should to uncroak the land itself to cause mass earthquakes and the such. Or maybe the thinkamancer lookamancers can find all of the dormant volcanoes on erfworld....

Croakmancy + Foolmancy: Perhaps Parson could create other uncroaked units besides the standar decrypted or uncroaked. Im talking about the classic wraith or spectre units that appear in so many fantasy games. Incorporeal life draining creatures that would not decay! But still most games DO have upkeep costs for wraiths and its not a cheap one. Also, maybe Wanda and JAck could link up after a battle to raise all the units in the hex not as decrypted, but as veiled ghosts ! (and I mean the ones with a white sheet above their heads :D )

Foolmancy + Dirtmancy: This one I think no enemy would see coming. And no linkup is necessary. Make the dirtmancer dig tons of very deep holes in a hex. Then make the foolmancer veil them all. Fall damage and trapped units ftw.

Croakmancy + Dollmancy: Now this is truly op. Create items, infected with Croakmancy. Now this has TWO possible uses. The most obvious is to create killer weapons with a chance to croak on hit to hand over to every warlord so they can lvl up faster. But you could create something like.. a stick wich uncroaks units it touchs. Hand it over to a single unit in an infantry stack and he will go poking corpses to create zombies as the battle goes on without the croakmancer needing be around!. Might not be as good as wandas decrypt but would fix the issue of her not being available everywhere.

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Re: Link ideas

Postby drachefly » Sat Oct 12, 2013 11:03 am

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