...so what about decrypted bats?

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...so what about decrypted bats?

Postby wih » Thu Oct 17, 2013 4:36 am

So we know that Wanda can, based on some kind of natural thinkamancy innate to them, look through a decrypted Archon's eyes.
This sounds very, very similar to TV's bats.
Speculation: Would Wanda be able to do the same via TV bats? Would it be more efficient for Parson to get Wanda a large quantity of bats, than Archons for the purposes she requested?
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Re: ...so what about decrypted bats?

Postby ftl » Thu Oct 17, 2013 1:14 pm

It seems plausible. Would make sense that decrypted bats can be used like live bats - as scouts with limited range, which can be extended indefinitely by an appropriate caster, and it would make sense that Wanda could be that caster for the decrypted.

Parson can't easily 'get bats' though - that requires going to war with Transylvito, who's been keeping their own units away from the fray. And given the current turmoil in Transylvito, it might be the case that it makes more sense to negotiate a peace rather than go to war; and just getting some scouts seems like a bad reason to invade.
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Re: ...so what about decrypted bats?

Postby 0beron » Thu Oct 17, 2013 7:42 pm

Also don't forget that the Archon's aren't solely useful for Wanda's ability to see through them...in fact she didn't even share this when Parson was having them run scout missions for Dwagons.....which is interesting. Anyway I digress. They were valuable because they could hide, and spot veils better/always. They can't simply be replaced by Bats entirely, although having Bats (if this decrypto-vision works with them too) would finally fill the void left by Misty's loss.
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