a Suggestion for the Text Updates

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a Suggestion for the Text Updates

Postby Keldaria » Fri Nov 27, 2009 9:15 am

Why not put together a few blank Klog Pages like the ones you did book 1 "Parsons Klog" pages and just fill in the text updates on those, that way you already have a way to sneak the text updates directly into the production book and you can add and expand on the Klog Entries from book 1 with starting Klogs for the other main characters, or since Klogs arn't nessisarly the terms other characters would use then say "journals".

As an additional suggestion maybe you should leave a small section of each page blank (like the top or sections where the Hamstard was) and allow the community to contribute art for the page after you release it, like you've done during the summer updates
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