Solace of Eternity - new CCG!

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Solace of Eternity - new CCG!

Postby Skystriker » Wed Apr 07, 2010 11:17 pm

Hey all! I wanted to share a CCG (think the genre of Magic: the Gathering) my friend has been developing for some time now. There are currently 3 sets (340 cards). You can chat us up or find opponents on our IRC channel, since there's only a couple dozen of us so far. A Quickplay Guide covers the client and plugin, and you may also want to check out the Comprehensive Rules. It's got some pretty innovative combat that works out quite nicely in practice, even if it is new to people used to MtG. The shared turns works out really, really well.

It'd be cool to see some Erfworlders in there right now.

Check out the first two sets

Note: the client we're using, Lackey, is not the most user-friendly application, though it's not half bad. We're currently coding our very own client just for the SoE game. The online portion of SoE will always remain 100% free, and we hope to publish in tangible format sometime down the road for a nominal cost just to cover printing expenses.
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