Short Fanfic of Caesar's Past

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Short Fanfic of Caesar's Past

Postby opal » Thu Feb 18, 2010 11:37 pm

I’m Caesar Borgata.

Caesar’s eyes stared at nothing; all his attention was focused inward, watching this thought with awe.

“Caesar Borgata”

It occurred to Caesar ‘Caesar Borgata’ was a sound; this confused him. How could he be a sound? He was shocked to realize he already knew the answer.

Caesar Borgata is my name.

So it was him and belonged to him. Caesar’s confusion deepened because he felt as if his thoughts were contradicting themselves. Thinking is tricky, Caesar decided, it needs careful watching. This decision felt comfortable and right, it was the first time he felt comfortable with himself.

Nodding to himself Caesar shifted his weight, increasing the pressure on his toes. He moved his toes and felt how they rubbed against his sock and the sole of his shoe with awe. So occupied he didn’t notice sounds of running outside until the door of the room banged open and a woman skidded to a halt.

“Flip, ya already popped.” Surprised the newpopped jumped then choose to float in the air instead of falling back down.

He watched as a man entered the room. Reading stats he learned the woman who had spoken was a Skank named Galore with limited dollamancy while the man was a Warlord named Grease Lightning. Thoughts of what these facts meant appeared in his mind but he was weary of them having been mislead by thoughts before.

Caesar continued to float as he watched the two units in fascination they were far more interesting than his toes. Grease stood calmly waiting. After a few minutes Galore started fidgeting which got worse as Caesar continued to watched her for the next few minutes. Grease put his hand on her arm when she started to speak and she stopped. Uncomfortable with the idea of fidgeting himself Caesar fought urge and wished for something he could do while watching. Then he realized he had cigarettes he could smoke. Smoking would satisfy the urge to fidget without actually fidgeting so he took out a cigarette then he took out his lighter and lit-up.

“Say something damn-it”


“I know we’re-suppose-to-wait-until-the-new-unit-speaks-but-he’s-just-watching-us!” Galore sputtered at high speed.

I like watching people. Caesar agreed with this thought.

“How-do-we-know-he-hasn’t-spoken-already-anyway? He-popped-before-we-got-here.”

While Galore rambled a new man entered the room. His stats told Caesar he was a Warlord named Bronx Wolf.

“Our new Warlord, what’s your title kid?” Bronx asked.

“Viscount of Vitalis.”

“At least you’re a noble. Hey Grease what was his first words?”

“Viscount of Vitalis”

“Flip, you hadn’t spoken yet? Damn-it.” Bronx paused and took a deep breath.

“Nothing I can do now, come on kid I’m going to show you how to party Translyvito style.”

With that the Warlord Wolf grabbed Caesar’s arm and lead him out of the room into the wide world beyond.
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Re: Short Fanfic of Caesar's Past

Postby opal » Wed Jun 02, 2010 3:58 pm

While its nice to get a reply, I don't see how jerseys relate to my little story.
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Re: Short Fanfic of Caesar's Past

Postby CaesarVH » Thu Jun 03, 2010 4:39 am

I was a bit puzzled by that as well... Really like the story so far by the way! Can we expect to find updates soon?
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Re: Short Fanfic of Caesar's Past

Postby opal » Thu Jun 03, 2010 8:04 am

It was just a scene that pop into my head, I wasn't planning on continuing it. Mostly because anything I'd write would end up being wrong when Cannon expands to flesh-out Translyvito.

I'm glad you liked the story, CaesarHV!
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