Let's Play Mass Effect

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Let's Play Mass Effect

Postby Crovius » Tue Jun 29, 2010 3:31 pm

So I've played thorugh Mass Effect 1 with a bunch of characters and made severl into ME2, and thanks to unlocking a lot of achievments I have access to an extra power at the start of ME1 now. Which is actually something I never noticed...

In any case I wondered if it'd be fun to do a Mass Effect Let's Play. Unfourtanetly I'm playign on XBOX so The only way I can get pictures is if I hook up my webcam and take snapshots of the screen... which I coudl do should the massesrequest it. Read the spoilers for my rules.

Spoiler: show
1. Any major choice in the game will be asked and decided upon by the masses. This will include Gender, class, origin, military history, and my bonus ability at game start. Currently I can pick Barrier, Lift, Throw, Singularity, Sabatoge, and Overload at character creation.

2. For his/her appearance, give a description of what you think Shep should look like, with as little or as much detail as you think. I'll pick one that looks awesome. Name will be based on coolness.

3. As a group decide early on what Shep's overall personality will be like. This will help me get through Dialogue without asking you guys for every single response. Any major plot points we'll try and decide ahead of time.

4. Squad members will have autolevel up, Shep won't. I'll assign points with your opinions in mind. And squad selection is up to you guys. Including whether or not I recruit them.

5. For equipment I'll more or less just make sure Shep has the best stuff possible, though any preferences will be taken into consideration.

6. Will be playing on Hard mode. If we die, we get one chance to try at that mission/fight again. A second death is recorded and it's game over :(

7. Should we have a game over the options include starting again from scratch or starting again with the same character on a different difficulty setting.

Since a lot can be done in a single play thorugh I'll try and post at least every night asking what you wish for Shep to do and then will make sure I can get some snapshots of Shep in action. I'll ask for strings of options.

Example: If you tell em to go to Noveria, also tell me how you think I should react to the security, what I should do about the shopkeeper wanting to smuggle goods, if I should help Lorik or screw him over, and if the Administrator should be arrested or not. After All that I'll post an update and ask for the next step.

The main point is we should have fun withthis. If we make it to the end of the game I'll start up a continuation in ME2!

Note: I've also got thsi posted over on the Giantitp forusm, and will be using opinions from both as well as posting what's happening at both. You can find it under the same name on the Giantitp forums.
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Re: Let's Play Mass Effect

Postby Crovius » Tue Jun 29, 2010 5:06 pm

So first set of choices:
>Male of Female Shep
>Origin Story
>Military Background
>Extra Power (see spoiler)
>Basic Appearance
>Personality? (if you want a game long style of how Shep gets through conversations)
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