German RPG Action Video: Talsker Woelfe Trailer III

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German RPG Action Video: Talsker Woelfe Trailer III

Postby Louis De Le Pi » Thu Jul 15, 2010 4:50 pm

Hey ho Tools,

i was send here to report you from a land far away, where a battle as fierce as the one around Gobwin Knob took place.
Fortunately me and some friends had some strange Lo-Fi-Equipment to record it for you.

Now we can Present you the Third Talsker Wolves Trailer: Trailer III - Acting is everything.
It is a LARP-based Action shortfilm. btw Larp is not considered as nerdy as in the US over here - just take a look 8-)
Have fun watching our way of battling good against evil.

Watch it on You-Tube

The text will be translated in the future. but the spirit can be felt already ;)

Thanks for Watching and promoting our style!
Feel free to comment here or on You-tube

May the Arken-Tools be with you!

Louis de le Pi
It is here!
Louis De Le Pi
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