If I'm already a Tool...

What features and fixes would you like to see here at erfworld.com?

If I'm already a Tool...

Postby BarGamer » Tue May 05, 2009 3:32 pm

Then why am I still seeing the "Become a Tool!" link? Shouldn't it say something like, "Good Morning, Tool of the Titans," or "Renew your Subscription," or something like that? I would at least have liked some sort of "Login to/Open your Toolbox" thing, instead of having to look for the Forum Announcement first, then login to Wordpress, then finally get at my Toolbox.

It would be nice to have the Hi-Res Archive be the default, instead of the Book 1 link that is there now. From a casual glance, the following two pages look identical:

It's not until I click on the first link and zoom in that I see the high-resolution. I would say that most people would not know to do this. Is there some solution you can offer to this concern?

PS: I had to choose between posting a link that works and have people possibly getting the hi-res comic for free, or posting a bad link and possibly wait for a non-confused response. Then I remembered that I'm a Discordian acolyte. My decision was clear.
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Re: If I'm already a Tool...

Postby harknell » Tue May 05, 2009 8:52 pm

Hi, Parts of the site are still under construction, and the switching behavior you're asking for will be implemented over time. The archives are being slightly redesigned behind the scenes so they will look different. So many of the things you are asking for are coming.
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