Erfworld cheats... maybe?

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Erfworld cheats... maybe?

Postby idunknown » Thu Dec 29, 2011 12:27 am

Hello everyone I'm new to the forum and thought I should start with an introduction, I've read the comic, text updates, and some of the wiki, I'm a casual gamer who likes systems almost as much as playing them, And lastly I don't post often lol. :roll:

Anyway I thought it would be fun if anyone with some possible cheats/exploits not directly involving the Arkentools or stupid-world could post them. :D I'll start.

I give you an Erfworld cheat involving the manipulation of time by non-casters.

Given: We know time is relative between squares, but constant within a square.
1st: We measure how long it takes to move through each square of a group of squares relative to a specific square. Lets call this specific square Greenwich.
2nd: we use this information to determine how fast time moves in these squares
Given: We know that units can move in and out of in-battled or engaged squares(as long as they have a warlord for the later).
3rd: We try and position units in the field so that our units defend in fast moving squares and attack slower moving squares.

Attack: We can move our units into the slow square from more then one point and at more then one speed(of time). From the enemies perspective the reinforcements would be arriving very fast.
Defense: When our opponents enter the fast square we are defending they will do so relatively(literally) slowly, Additionally their reinforcements will arrive later then average as the battle elapses faster. This allows our troops to focus fire fewer targets at a time, by stretching the length of the battle out. This strategy requires however, that we engage the enemy ASAP when defending, which could be bad.

Yes I know its a cheat that shouldn't matter sense anyone can amass all his/her troops before attacking, but it dose do weird things with anyone who doesn't. :mrgreen:
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