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Re: Inner Peace (Through Superior Firepower) – Episode 023

Postby drachefly » Wed Feb 01, 2012 3:40 pm

Karadan wrote:One question this does bring up though, is what happens when a side pays a huge amount of Shmuckers for a spell and/or services (ala the original summon spell). We know from Jillian that a barbarian (which any full time MK resident would be I believe) has to spend all Shmuckers on units or rations or it simply vanishes. So did the people who made the spell just pop themselves a few hundred turns worth of rations? Did they convert them into Rands somehow? Perhaps I'm overthinking things, but Erfworld is such a fascinating little place.

They don't need to spend it all - they still have their 'purse'. So a large monetary influx can be distributed among hundreds of barbarians, this debt being mediated in rands. They might need to arrange this in advance to avoid price shock.
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Re: Inner Peace (Through Superior Firepower) – Episode 023

Postby Mrtyuh » Wed Feb 01, 2012 6:29 pm

Whispri wrote:That's another way in which Croakamancy is a weaker branch than most, as compared to the way a Dirtamancer or a Dollamancer can heal their Golems. Still, I was thinking that maybe she could get him some sort of life draining sword, to restore him as he damages the enemy.

Uncroaked units, though, cost no upkeep. They are maintained by burning the Stuff of the corpse. While we haven't been told, I would wager that golems do cost upkeep, or, in the case of the Snow Golem, require a magic item, to be used continuously to maintain them. So, I think it's a bit more balanced than it may appear at first glance.
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