5-card Air War

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5-card Air War

Postby ChrisDare » Tue Jul 24, 2012 12:51 pm

Has anyone tried playtesting Air War yet?

I'm stuck on a ship and have been unable to try it as I lack (a) cards, and (b) other players. But I do have a few ideas kicking about that I wanted to share.

First up 'Faction Decks' for the store. The idea is that you could theme a deck or suit of cards to a particular faction and illustrate them with appropriate combat units. Gobwin Knob could have Dwagons, Twolls, Decrypted, etc. Faq could have Gwiffons, Giants and so on, you get the idea.

Secondly, given that there is absolutely no requirement for a particular type of card deck I have an idea for a rule variation. A deck of 48 cards containing four each of the following: 1-4 of infantry, 1-4 of archers and 1-4 of flyers. Then in any engagement you could have a scissors/paper/stone bonus to card values (ie +1) with infantry->archers->flyers->infantry. So a 2 of archers would lose to a 2 infantry, but beat a 2 flyer. This could get really interesting in a 3 or more player game.

Which really brings me to the big question of who 'owns' Air War, and who would be able to develop it further and under what license? Anyone?

(PS I am not an entrepenuer (or however you spell that word that the French don't have *snicker*) and wouldn't be looking to do anything business-y myself. I just like coming up with ideas. If the creators want to take this idea and market it I only ask to be allowed to buy a set for myself.)

EDIT: Rehash of point two, above.
Deck of 40 cards, each containing four each of rank 1,2 & 3 of Infantry/Heavy, Archery/Ranged & Flyers and four (individual?) Warlords, all of rank 4. Warlords could be imune to the SPS bonus above.
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