The Phrase "I so Predict it"

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The Phrase "I so Predict it"

Postby Frosted » Sat Jul 28, 2012 3:47 pm

Ahoy speculation, also capitals letters.

In the most recent update (Book 2, Page 87) the Groundhog Day Predictamancer (Phil) says "I so Predict it" (like Marie has done:

1. Is this formally Predicting something?
a) Does this use Juice?
b) Can a caster non-formally predict something?
c) Is Prediction compulsory? (could a caster "see" a possible prediction, but not Predict it, thus acting as some sort of awkward Luckamancer)

2. What does formally Predicting do?
a) If non-formal predictions are available what are the mechanical differences?

3. Is this not prediction in the general sense of the word at all? Is "I so Predict it" an attempt to maneuver Fate on the spot so to speak.
a) and if so does it use Juice?

4. Is that dude just bluffing, and does not actually Predict it?
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Re: The Phrase "I so Predict it"

Postby Nnelg » Sun Jul 29, 2012 11:09 pm

I think this phrase is what predictimancers use to differentiate between absolute predictions (things that Fate decrees will happen) and logical predictions (like concluding Haffaton will be the downfall of Faq). There might be some inherent magic of the Erf that prevents casters from using it flippantly, but that isn't necessary.

He could be bluffing, but I highly doubt it. This would be the equivalent of playing with an open hand in the card game of your choice because you're so confident of victory.
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Re: The Phrase "I so Predict it"

Postby SNfinity » Sun Aug 05, 2012 4:55 pm

I don't think it has any magical significance - I think it's more of a convention or standard that most Predictamancers follow, that they use to differentiate between Predictions and speculations. Like if I were to say "Prince Ansom will croak at The Battle for Gobwin Knob" that would be speculation, but if I say "Prince Ansom will croak at The Battle for Gobwin Knob - I so Predict it" then that it's a prophecy.

It also seems to be used in hyperbole, though that's just speculation on my part. I think that it's recent use by Marie Lavraie and Groundhog Guy was actually good-natured teasing, not magic - like saying you're 110% sure.
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Re: The Phrase "I so Predict it"

Postby Arky » Thu Aug 23, 2012 1:12 am

It reminds me of Wheel of Time and Elaida's "This I Foretell", with capitalized Foretell. A convention so people can tell the difference between the future-predictor making a guess and making a real prediction (also important so the future-predictor doesn't get a reputation for making mitakes when they aren't actually sputing prophecy), but not actually required.
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