What is this section?

Although Erfworld isn''t just a gaming story, most of our readers are tabletop gamers of one kind or another. Since you''re all here already, we thought it would be helpful and interesting to post some news about tabletop gaming, let readers post their game reviews and share their experiences related to tabletop RPGs, board games, miniatures gaming, war gaming, etc.

How can I submit something?

Clicking the "Submit a Post!" button will let you send us a link or upload a story or graphics. If we feel that it would be entertaining to Erfworld readers in general, then we''ll publish it to the main Gaming stream, with a link to your user page. We''ll award you some Shmuckers, and other site user can tip you with their Shmuckers if they like it.

What kind of things can I submit?

Articles, pictures, news, game reviews, opinion pieces, video tutorials on your favorite game, videos of your game group in action, footage of you at game conventions, a link to a crowdfunding project you support, or almost anything else that''s related to tabletop gaming. The key is to make it interesting to other Erfworld readers.

What happens when I submit content?

If you own the content and we publish it, then you still own the content. You just grant us an unlimited license to post it here or do virtually anything else we want. See the Terms of Use for the website, for more details. The Shmuckers that we award you will appear on your account balance when you are logged in. When other people tip you, that will affect your total instantly. You may also receive site trophies and appear on top contributor lists as a result of your successful submission.