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If anyone is obsessively refreshing pages waiting for a new chapter for any of my fanfics, new rule as of 16/1/'16: I only post to them in the hours before a Friday update.

*Addendum as of 8/3: my profile page has apparently been glitchy for the past three months and not showing updates. I think my blogs are still working fine, but I've started using the fanfic forum and I mean to predominantly use that for the time being.

A New Beginning is officially defunct. I was never really happy with it, but 'leadership unit spawns at the helm of a seemingly-doomed side and saves day' is to Erfworld fanfic as 'Harry falls in love with Hermione' is to the Potterverse, and it just didn't have a USP to elevate it above trashy. Besides, it was spur-of-the-moment and simply not that good, without anywhere near enough forethought.

I have an original setting story cooking. This one does have enough forethought. I'll post to the Fiction stream when the first chapter's done. 

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    She reached into the wellspring of wrath to channel music like she’d never made before, and screamed it aloud.
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