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  • tadthornhill published a blog post Noble Gases Chapter 3
    He closed his eyes and rubbed his forehead. “But, disband it, Okay is the only warlord up there. I need a warlord to travel south with them as escort; a simple-minded stabber won’t do. Let’s see, who can I promote up there… Hey, wait, I’m losing...
    • Salvage (): Another good installment. You are good with the Rhyme-o-mancy Might I suggest...
  • tadthornhill published a blog post The Noble Gasses Chapter 1
    Our tale opens on the small, level three city of Caer Lial. It shows signamancy of recent upgrade. The walls are clean, the buildings barely used. It has straight square walls made of fitted stone with parapets for archers to fire from. Being a...

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