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  • Dream Logic

    Another old bit of fanart, to help promote the Community.  

    Tags: Jack, Fanart, No one in particular, art

  • Dwagons

    I couldn't resist painting some dwagons! So here you go! Hope you like them! ^^   (Note: User was awarded 40 Shmuckers for this post. -Rob)

    Tags: fanart, dwagon, painting, art

  • A History of Wemics

    A modern conception of a liontaur.   Fans of the fantastical have long been entranced by the idea of creatures that are human on top and beast-like down low. Sphinxes, centaurs, mermaids, harpies, driders, satyrs, lamia, and, yes, even unipegataurs -- they all appeal to the idea that huma...

    Tags: fantasy, myth, monsters, liontaur, wemic, D&D, games, art

  • RandomChicken

    No one special

    Interests: video games, mainly wow, art, tattoos, sleep

  • Aroda

    I'm not that interesting, actually. Just a fan, doing fan things.

    Skills: Art

  • Finding Sanctuary: Prologue

      The following is a sequel to Murder in the Magic Kingdom, which can be found here.           Finding Sanctuary: Prologue         The first thing he knew was the tem...

    Tags: Finding Sanctuary, Murder in the Magic Kingdom, Sequel, Ruins, Barbarian, Lipkin, Spruce, Adventure, Desert, Fanfic, Art

  • Vaunt Dananas

    I like cartoons

    Interests: Food, Art, Cartoons, Video Games, Animals

  • Honeybadgertattoo

    Ink/colorist for Erfworld.

    Interests: Art, sci-fi, video games, comics, nerd