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  • Who watches the watchers?

    It can't be a peep show, as there is no Gwiffons.   (Note: user was awarded 25 Shmuckers for this submission. -Rob)

    Tags: fanart, fancomic, Parson, Jack, Maggie, Ace, Wanda, Charlie, Sizemore, Lilith, dwagon, Spruce

  • Dish Garden

       Watch those archons get to poppin'!  Videoclip   (NOTE: User received 25 Shmuckers for this post. -Rob)

    Tags: Songfic, Charlie, Charlescomm, Gardening Channel, Al Jarreau

  • Odd Job

    [Originally created and posted in a reactions thread.]   Charlie had a reputation in the Magic Kingdom. His contracts were rare, the details secretive and invariably involving major nondisclosure agreements -- and paid at premium rates accordingly. Ima Anon's casting discipline was one tha...

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  • After action analysis

      Bonus....   Extra Bonus...       Super Extra Bonus...     (NOTE: user was awarded 15 Shmuckers for this post. -Rob)    

    Tags: Parson, Charlie, The Battle in the Magic Kingdom, Ace Hardware, Bonnie, Sizemore

  • Adventures in WonderErf

    Hello! This is my first fan art attempt for Erfworld. I love the comic (and reactions forum). Seeing Jillian as a Queen of Hearts in Book 3 Page 10 inspired me to imagine other Erfworlders as Alice in Wonderland characters. I have more character designs planned, and so I hope you all enjoy them! ...

    Tags: WonderErf, Fanart, Wanda, Jack, Hamstard, Charlie

  • Money Makes the World Go Round - Part 3

    (Next Chapter:   Drachma marched back into the Hall a few minutes later, hearing the Adepts, Novices, and Apprentices shouting about things. None left the grounds, of course. Moneymancers were expected to k...

    Tags: Fanfic, OC, Moneymancer, Alternate History, Charlie, Battle for Spacerock, Night

  • Money Makes the World Go Round - Part 16

    (Previous Chapter:   “Open predictive maps eight and six,” said Charlie as he looked weakly forward, watching as the Thoughtspace was altered, large arrays of units and choices arranging themse...

    Tags: Fanfic, OC, Moneymancer, Alternate History, Charlie, Archons