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  • GenCon report: Erfworld card game playtests

    ...esigned and published several games of my own, I felt that I test and evaluate several games. The first game that we look...other game. Several Erfworld games being playtested at once &nb...Others continued to playtest games, and all the notes were colle...

  • GinaOwens

    Top Collection of Classic Video Games in Ohio

    ...titles (produced by followers), and vintage handheld digital games, and rear problems of Electronic Games Magazine, plus far more. T...gamers, It is simply not useful to purchase and set up video games that are classic. And, you wi...

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  • A History of Wemics

    A modern conception of a liontaur.   Fans of the fantastical have long been entranced by the idea of creatures that are human on top and beast-like down low. Sphinxes, centaurs, mermaids, harpies, driders, satyrs, lamia, and, yes, even unipegataurs -- they all appeal to the idea that huma...

    Tags: fantasy, myth, monsters, liontaur, wemic, D&D, games, art

  • Life's a Beach

    Tim Ryan took a final drag from his hand-rolled cigarette and flicked the butt away. The last curls of smoke mixed with the steam from his breath as he inhaled the scent of tobacco and ocean air. On the other side of the pillbox sat his squad mate Naveen, who had his eyes closed in meditatio...

    Tags: fic, war, risk, games, sdub

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