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  • Tips To Make Your Play-By-Post Game A Long-Lived Success

    Turn 90 degrees from reality into the Realm of Shadows. There, the world is grey except for rivulets of glowing red blood that criss-cross the landscape. This is where the dead and the unborn move from the afterlife to the prime material plane, guided by the pull of the glowing blood. Take anothe...

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  • Hat's The Ticket!

    Yes, yes, Erfworld is a webcomic about a hex-grid turn-based fantasy wargame, you know, like Divine Right or Dragon Pass or SPI's War of the Ring or, of course, the monster fantasy slugathon wargame of all monster fantasy slugathon wargames, Titan. But that does not mean I can't sh...

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  • Units of FAQ

    For much of the same motivation as that found in Hat's the Ticket!, this is an attempt to shoehorn several elements of the Erfworld setting into a roleplaying game. I'm specifically using the rules of 3.5, or as I'm personally calling the overall attempt, 3.Erf.        Gwi...

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  • kilantolshi

    Interests: gaming, computers, writing, programming, acting, sculpting, reading, annoying neighbors, catching the houdini rabbits that somehow get in my apartment, martial arts, right to bear arms, Farglesnazinkropf, and being a cat.

  • Lemur

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  • Stone Daze - strategy board game to watch (your head) for

    You wonderful Erflings were instrumental in our Final Act successful funding so thank you again. Since than we took in much of the feedback and suggestions and tuned it into Stone Daze, we got some cool caveman characters in play that we're sure you'd like. Still deeply stra...

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  • AZIMUTH: Ride The Winds

    Hello Erflings,   We appreciate a lot all the support on our previous games and glad you've enjoyed them, thanks a lot, so we'd like to introduce Azimuth.   AZIMUTH is an game of tactics where players take the role of survivors stranded on a deserted island, or floating at sea ...

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  • Formicarium: Dwarf Fortress meets Sim-Ant (+ xkcd-genetics)

    Hey there, my name is Konrad Feiler, I'm following Erfworld since the days it was still over on giantitp and I was very excited when erfworld came to kickstarter and I could contribute. These days I'm even more looking forward to the Forecastle story updates than to the ones about Hamster ;) I a...

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  • Shadow

    Interests: Gaming, Writing, Science. Skills: Writing, Science, Gaming

  • N7 Special Ops

    == Chapter 1: Guns blazing! ==   Arnout gazed through his binoculars, and marked the cannibals looming around the target building, to make Gerard's job easier. "Angel." The radio came to life. "We've got Harvesters incoming. Make it snappy." Arnout gave Gerard his binoculars back. "Copy. M...

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