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  • Rahuore

    One Guy who enjoys analyzing things from different angles found himself right at home with erfworld rotating perspectives And the art is super Inviting

    Interests: Games, Love, Good Food and Music, Like everyone else

  • Velveteen Bunny

    When you are Loved, that is when you truly become Real.   A little tribute to one of my favorite Erfworld characters. I hope you all like it! Edit: Sweet Titans, thank you all for your responses and kind words! I'm glad you enjoyed my work ^o^.   (Note: User was awarded 25 Shmucke...

    Tags: Bunny, Bunny Velvetino, Velveteen Rabbit, Love, Transylvito, Thinkamancer, Baddie

  • Erfworld Meme

    The secret is love.

    Tags: Maggie, Signamancy, Love, Wuv, True Wuv, Anti-Aging Nonsense, Meme