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  • Brother Mirtillo

    I've been reading for as long as I can remember. I like funny stories, subtle and tricky stories, true stories -- overall, most kinds of thoughtful stories, even if that thought is as simple as "I like soccer, and this is why."   I read more than I write, joke more than I complain, and say less...

    Interests: Jokes, reading, writing, puns, clever crossovers, skiing, soccer

  • RemoteScholar

    Interests: Tabletop and video games, reading, programming

  • kilantolshi

    Interests: gaming, computers, writing, programming, acting, sculpting, reading, annoying neighbors, catching the houdini rabbits that somehow get in my apartment, martial arts, right to bear arms, Farglesnazinkropf, and being a cat.

  • BOOR

    Interests: reading, developing

  • HighJumper

    I'm a reserved reader who gets excited about practically all neat ideas, studying to be a science teacher. I plan to teach physical science in high school, to start with. I like the idea of writing enough I have plans for a half dozen novels, within diverse genres(fantasy, historical fiction, con...

    Interests: Reading, Writing. Skills: Reading

  • edsobo

    Interests: Reading, writing, food, comics, drawing, Lego, craft beer, electronics, tinkering.

  • NCommander

    Software Engineer, Wanderer, Madman. some of the words that describe me

    Interests: Gaming, Reading, Writing, World Domination