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  • Life's a Beach

    Tim Ryan took a final drag from his hand-rolled cigarette and flicked the butt away. The last curls of smoke mixed with the steam from his breath as he inhaled the scent of tobacco and ocean air. On the other side of the pillbox sat his squad mate Naveen, who had his eyes closed in meditatio...

    Tags: fic, war, risk, games, sdub

  • The Risk of 1984 - Part One

        Brash popped into existence with an Order. Feet he didn't know he had stepped across the hex boundary in front of them, and his hands twitched his spear up into charging position.       No enemies got his point, though. The battle took place far ...

    Tags: 1984, Risk, Longer Than Expected

  • The Risk of 1984 - Part Two

    Part One   "What in Hellabad happened to you?"   Brash twitched his head to look behind him, and immediately regretted it. The pain he'd been trying to ignore by studying the gentle hills of grass came back in full force, and he lay gasping for a few moments while the deep voic...

    Tags: 1984, Risk, Longer Than Expected