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  • Map of Gobwin Knob and neighbours

    Map from the comic page 41, straightened, cleaned and with a little bit more contrast on some places.   NOTE: User was awarded 10 Shmuckers for this post. -Rob

    Tags: map, Metroland, Jitterati, Transylvito, Carpool, Faq, Charlescomm, Gobwin Knob, Hobbittm, Rightshoring, Sofa King, FoxMUD, Hyatt, Dogfort, Jetstone, Haggar

  • Grade-A Spookism

    I was brainstorming new unit types one day and came up with the variety of cloth golem shown in the image. When I thought up what I would call it, I realized it would fit in perfectly with Sofa King's theme. Then I thought up the scene shown and it made me laugh, so I just had to draw it.  ...

    Tags: Sofa King, Cloth Golem, Holey Sheet, ghost