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  • Casters' burden Part 1

    Burden Of The CastersIn the middle of the night, he woke up to the feeling of Her snuggling closer to him. Lucas, Luke to his Side, always thought of Nyx as of Her, the same way he knew she thought of him as Him, with capital ache for both of Them. He liked Her, and for the last twelve turns they...

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  • Casters' burden Part 2

    Once the door closed behind the warlord, the king motioned to one of the courtiers to approach him. “Go to Lord Bandage and tell him that I’m ordering him to gather 40 of our archers and 60 of our highest level, best pikemen from the garrison in a single stack, stack with them and lea...

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  • Casters' burden Part 3

    Lord Bandage was always a simple archer at heart. His promotion to Chief Warlord came as surprise, those thousand turns ago. The only surviving of his stack, the highest level unit in the field, the highest accuracy and the best eyesight... it had some sense. But, he wasn’t Royal and this p...

    Tags: Caster's burden, casters, love, burden, fanfic