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  • Candygram for Bogroll

      Bogroll the Twoll examined his ticket for the thousandth time. It’d been five turns since he’d worked up the courage to ask what it said. While many of the units milling about the City of Heroes could read Language, asking one of them never occurred to Bogroll, so he had queue...

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  • Jolly Zaintnick

    Stanley the Tool sighed as he considered the potted evergreen. He didn’t understand why Parson had sent Sizemore all the way to the Minty Mountains when they had plenty of trees nearby. It certainly didn’t fit in with the rest of the décor in his office, but Jed didn’t se...

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  • Star Wars / Johnny Cash Parody Video - Death Star Prison Blues

    Hey everyone, s-dub here. Wanted to plug my most recent side project, a parody video I made around the time that TFA came out. If you like the song, you can purchase it (with altered instrumentals) via your favorite music service such as : iTunes , Google Play, Amazon, etc.. ...

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  • Titans A.E. - After Erf - Part 1

    Titans A.E – After Erf   Parson rested the smooth wood of his hoe against his leg and ran a sweaty forearm across his forehead. It didn’t do much besides mixing his arm and face sweat and smearing it around. Feeling defeated, he hefted the hoe again and looked out over the rows...

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  • Gibberish

    The 411,013th Glorious Cycle of the Szann Dynasty   Emperor Szagg, of the Murtilon Empire rotated his virtual duplicate thoughtfully.   “Does this cape make me look un-aerodynamic?”   Grand Vizier Prang pretended to squint thoughtfully at the image before uttering...

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  • Triple Cross

    The basement meeting room was dark and smoky, just the way that Jeni Butterfield, the ranking Republican strategist, liked it. She thoughtfully examined the lit end of her Havanna before taking a deep drag and blowing the smoke towards her legal counsel, Brad Haverford. He fended off the fumes an...

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