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Turns since TBfGK: 20

CharlsNChrg: About this morning, Parson...
LordHamster: Yeah. About that.
CharlsNChrg: Is that how it's going to be?
LordHamster: For the record, I didn't order it.
LordHamster: But yeah, I think it's safe to say that anything you stick in our battlespace is going to get cut off.
LordHamster: So be careful what you're sticking, and where.
CharlsNChrg: Fair enough.
CharlsNChrg: What would it cost me for permission to pass through?
LordHamster: Dunno. That would be up to Stanley.
CharlsNChrg: Could you find out?
LordHamster: Weeeell, I'll ask heem, but I don't theenk he'll be verrah keen.
CharlsNChrg: Please do.
CharlsNChrg: So, um...
LordHamster: Yes?
CharlsNChrg: Couldn't help notice a small detail about that battle.
LordHamster: I bet you couldn't.
CharlsNChrg: That was Patty, Maxene and LaVerne.
LordHamster: If you say so.
CharlsNChrg: What were they doing in that black raiment, fighting for Gobwin Knob?
LordHamster: If you read that question again, Charlie, you'll notice that it answers itself.
CharlsNChrg: Cute.
CharlsNChrg: You know what I mean.
LordHamster: I do. That's also the only answer you're getting.
LordHamster: The only free answer, anyway.
CharlsNChrg: You're a quick study.
CharlsNChrg: What will it cost me?
LordHamster: So I've been told. And how bout letting me out of the rest of that Mathamancy deal?
CharlsNChrg: Steep.
LordHamster: Maybe not. It's a pretty valuable chunk of info.
CharlsNChrg: Undoubtedly.
CharlsNChrg: Tell you what, I'll spend a calculation now.
CharlsNChrg: Tell me the odds that learning what happened to my Archons right now will be worth giving up those calculations in the future.
LordHamster: ...
LordHamster: I don't know if this thing can even DO a calculation like that. Predicting the future?
CharlsNChrg: Try it.
LordHamster: Fine.
LordHamster: I'll be damned.
LordHamster: It says there's all of a 4% chance it's worth taking my deal, even after spending this calculation.
LordHamster: 4.14 percent.
CharlsNChrg: Hm.
CharlsNChrg: That either means that I could likely find out the information through other means, or the calculations will be highly valuable.
LordHamster: I guess. Or both.
LordHamster: Deal or No Deal?
CharlsNChrg: No deal.
LordHamster: Figured. Enjoy wondering.
CharlsNChrg: That was clever, though, right?
LordHamster: Sure.
LordHamster: Determining the decision not to spend all the calculations. Cost: one calculation.
CharlsNChrg: :)
LordHamster: Teaching me that my bracer can make sophisticated predictions about the future? Priceless.
CharlsNChrg: ...
CharlsNChrg: :(

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