Toolbox Signup

What is a Tool?

It's the highest term of respect, of course. We reserve it for readers and fans of Erfworld who pledge their support to the comic and the website, so that we can continue making more Erfworld.

What is the Toolbox?

Where the Tools go. A special section of the site, just for supporters.

How do I become a Tool?

You pledge a recurring subscription fee of $3 a month. Sign up right here using the following form and button. In the text form please input your current Forum name, or if not signed up yet enter your desired Forum/Toolbox name and we'll use it to set up your account:

Please Note: Please use a non-Hotmail email address to sign up for your account, We are currently not able to send automated emails to Hotmail.

Monthly Subscription:
Your Forum Name or New Tool ID

We also offer Yearly Recurring Subscriptions for $33 a year (1 month free!), please use the following form:

Yearly Subscription:
Your Forum Name or New Tool ID:

For Customer support issues please email Customer Support at gobwinknob[at]

And, um, what's in it for me? What's in the Toolbox?

Inside the Toolbox, you will find a lot of random extras related to Erfworld. This includes lost panels, audio podcasts, scripts, and a wallpaper of the month.

On top of that, Tools get access to an archive of much larger (1200px wide) images of the comic, at a lower compression. They're very pretty.

And you'll get to browse the site ad-free when you are logged in.

Finally, there's a private Toolbox forum that's only visible to Tools, and Tools will have a special forum badge when they post.

Is that everything? Did you save the best for last?

What a softball question. Yes, we DID save the best for last! Here's the golden ticket:

All of your subscriber fees are converted into Shmuckers and can be used as store credit or for "tipping" fellow Erflings on the website.

What, seriously? Every dollar?

Every dollar. $3 store credit a month, or $36 for a year.

So if you plan to buy the next Erfworld book, for example, sign up for the Toolbox today. By the time the book is available, it will be like getting it very cheap or free. And in the meantime, you get to play in the Toolbox.

Um, what if I cancel?

You can cancel your Toolbox subscription at anytime. You will need to go into your Paypal account to unsubscribe. Your accumulated shmuckers will remain in your account and will not expire. You will be able to continue using your shmuckers in the store and/or for onsite tipping.

You can always re-subscribe at anytime.

Anything else?

You should be aware that the process of assigning your store credit is manual, so it may take 24 hours or more before you see your store credit appear. We're working on streamling our process. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us at gobwinknob[at] anytime.

Thank you for supporting our dreams.

-Rob Balder