Motion Comic Voice Audition Form


Hello professional or aspiring voice actor! This is your chance to audition for roles in the motion comic treatment of Erfworld Book 1. A listing of parts, guidelines, and a submission form are below. See the video on the Kickstarter page for more information about the project.


The deadline for submitting your audition files is midnight Eastern on Friday, April 20.


Those we cast for the project will receive a minimum of $50 and screen credit for their parts, even small single-line parts. Larger parts will pay $50 for the first studio hour and $25 for each additional studio hour. You must be able to record your parts on your own equipment and submit them to us electronically. A contract with express terms will be provided to those we cast. You will not receive any money for auditioning.


Your interpretation of the character is up to you, and should be based on a good understanding of the story and your character's part in it. If you have questions about a character's motivation or personality type you can submit them to In general, only the people we cast in these roles will get specific directions about line delivery and approach to the character portrayal.

We are casting for the following parts:

    Main Characters

  • Lord Stanley the Plaid: Pages 27, and Page 29
  • Prince Ansom: Pages 21-22
  • Wanda Firebaugh: Page 38
  • Jillian Zamussels: Page 68
  • Parson Gotti: Page 124-125
  • Sizemore Rockwell: Page 54
  • Bogroll: Page 37
  • Vinny Doombats: Pages 34 and Page 52
  • Jack Snipe: Page 116
  • Caesar Borgata: Page 104
  • Misty: Pages 45-46
  • Webinar: Page 51
  • Janis: Page 141
  • Charlie: Pages 89-90
  • Don King: Page 99
  • Hamstard: Page 37a, Page 38b and Page 40a

Ensemble Characters

  • Jaclyn the Archon: Page 67
  • Farrah the Archon: Page 51 and Page 65
  • Kate the Archon: Page 69 and Page 131
  • Cheryl the Archon: Pages 120-121
  • Lady Silvia: Page 56
  • Duke Nozzle: Page 101
  • Blue Warlord: Page 56
  • Mung: Page 28
  • Superfluous Warlord: Page 22 and Page 101

Smaller Ensemble Parts, Male (Please read all lines and label your audition MALEENSEMBLE_YOURNAME.MP3.):

  • Page 15: Dude. It’s July. Ah. Like the “marshmallows” in Lucky Charms…I never realized they’re crunchy because they’re stale. Okay, “marbits.” But…When you leave out a box and those go stale, they get soft. What is that?
  • Page 16: You know… Over the years, Parson’s had a lot of big ideas. But this is the first one I’ve ever seen him follow through on.
  • Page 21: Woo! Yes! Aw, Man. I knew it.
  • Page 45: Your lackey may not enter, Lord. I am sorry, Lord.
  • Page 62: Prepared to make our stand, Highness.
  • Page 140: Quiet. And yes it is. We’ll have four more Thinkamancers here in a few minutes. No charge.
  • NOT ONLINE: If he can come here, he may be able to lead others here.

Smaller Ensemble Parts, Female (Please read all lines and label your audition FEMALEENSEMBLE_YOURNAME.MP3.):

  • Page 7: Aye, Commander.
  • Page 16: And you run some amazing games, Parson. But I don’t know if it’s healthy. It’s such a huge escape for you.
  • Pages 88-89: Hello! Thank you for calling Charlescomm, your battlespace solutions provider. Your mind is important to us, and it may be monitored for quality assurance purposes. May I have your name, rank, and side, please? Thank you, Lord Hamster. Please hold for Charlie.
  • Page 112: Tunneler! Stand and be ended!
  • NOT ONLINE: A “Hippiemancer Warlord.” Or the Predictamancers withheld that from us. An army, perhaps. Never!

Basic guidelines:

  • Clean, professional recording. A pop shield is a must (you can make your own, if need be). This also means no background noises, computer hums, hissing, or random sirens, dogs, babies or gunshots.
  • No mispronounced or flubbed words. During the Kickstarter auditions of page 34, we had some people who mispronounced Signamancy (SY - na - man - see). If you have any questions regarding a pronunciation, please email
  • Submit separate auditions in separate files. For example, if you are auditioning for Sizemore and Caesar, you must submit two separate files.
  • At the beginning of your sound file, please state your name and what part you are auditioning for (ex: This is Hugh Jass, auditioning for the part of Parson Gotti).
  • All files must have the following name format: CHARACTERNAME_YOURNAME.mp3. Example: PARSONGOTTI_HUGHJASS.mp3
  • All files must be in .mp3 format. See below for a list of free/inexpensive recording/editing software, all of which can be used to export a file into this format. As we are not experts in each program, please do not email us asking for support with any of the programs.

List of audio editing software we recommend:

Audacity (free)
Goldwave (generous free trial period)
MixCraft 5 (free trial)
Cubase (30 day trial)

Submission Form

In order to complete your submission, use the following form to upload your submitted file. The maximum size for submissions is 20MB. Please be sure to put in a valid email address, so we can get back to you about your submission.

Your name (required):

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If not a US number, please be sure to include the international dialing prefix, which looks like '+1' or '+44'

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